Is it 2011 already?? People Problems by Oh No Oh My!

Photography “Playground Self-Portrait” by Me!

Is it 2011 already?

Well, no.  But it certainly starting to feel that way as the leaks of 2010 start to dry up and we start to see the sign of the corduroy show up in our album release dates — 11, corduroy, think the wales on the fabric, get it?  We talked about this a bit yesterday, how the coming of US Thanksgiving marks the beginning of list-making season, and boy oh boy, before we head out to vacation, I shoooould be ready to present our very special list to you (with accompanying mixtape, as always).

That’s going to keep me uber busy this week (and force this to be a rather quick post, sorry), but that’s not now, that’s then and until then, we’ve got now and now is the new release from where-the-fuck-have-you-been Oh No Oh My called People Problems!

You can take the debut album genre out of the band, but you can’t take the band out of their debut genre, is what momma always said.  And yeah, Oh No Oh My has done an “about face” musically or something, but you know what…  They are still Oh No Oh My and that makes this boy very very happy…

1. Walking Into Me
2. You Were Right
3. Again Again
4. No Time For Talk
5. I Don’t Know
6. So I Took You
7. Brains
8. Not The One
9. There Will Be Bones
10. Should Not Have Come To This
11. Circles And Carousels
12. Summerdays

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