What? ANOTHER Weezer post? Yep… We got Death To False Metal AND a DEEE-luxe edition of Pinkerton!!!

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Yep… more Weezer. You know, there used to be a time when years would span before we’d get any new Weezer tunes. B-sides were spoken of, discussed, but rarely heard. Rivers gets married and laid on a regular basis then suddenly we get more music than we probably could hope to want.

So, to be efficient, I’m going to cover two releases that are showing up on at your favourite torrent sites record shops. A collection of b-sides called Death To False Metal and a re-issue plus more extras/b-sides/outtakes/etc from the days of yore via Pinkerton era by our once friends and lovers Weezer…..

Let’s do it!

First up, the “new”, which is actually a collection of old, but not THAT old, so as to make it kinda new… ish with Death To False Metal.

Back when Make Believe came out, there was word of a slew of B-sides, of them the Toni Braxton cover “Unbreak My Heart” and, if I remember correctly, “I’m A Robot” and a few others that show up here (I think weezer.com had like some recording blog of the sessions or something. The weezer boards — which make the aggro-over-compensating cycling boards seem like squeaky queefs of floral essence — were a-flame with discussion on the potential awesomenicity of these songs that we hadn’t heard yet.

Sad, eh?

Well, my dear weinerschnitzels, here they are. So, what happened to that 5 year long boner? Well, outside of a song or two, it became a sad weenis — short for “weezer-penis”.

The highlights? “I’m A Robot”, a little jaunty fun piano romp that doesn’t even rhyme every lyric!

saaaay WHA?????

I know! Right? It’s really cute and fun, childish, but fun!

“Trampoline” is pretty cool, outside the repeat name of song over and over and over method of song-writing that Rivers has seemed to embraced with the force & passion of a thousand lovers in a thousand suns.

Songs like like “Odd Couple” and “Everyone” were challenging to listen to due to lyrical and musical reasons, respectively.

Finally, the song of the season, the one of so much debate back in the day (probably because, given it’s a cover, we at least knew the song), “Unbreak My Heart” originally by Toni Braxton.

SIDE NOTE: Used to have a pretty good crush on Braxton. She’s teh sexors!


Well. It’s fine. Would do good on a soundtrack for some movie, maybe used ironically, maybe starring Michael Cera, or whoever the quirky & oddly funny human is now the Hollywood darling of mass-over-saturation in a scene where his bro-mance partner is mad at him and he looks overly-sad as they mimic the final rom-com scene from every rom-com movie ever made.

Aw! He chased her down, stopped tons of traffic, and finally confessed his real love which then saved their completely never-would-have-happened-in-real-life relationship! HOORAY!


Here you go…

01. Turning Up The Radio
02. I Don’t Want Your Loving
03. Blowin’ My Stack
04. Losing My Mind
05. Everyone
06. I’m a Robot
07. Trampoline
08. Odd Couple
09. Auto-Pilot
10. Un-Break My Heart (Toni Braxton cover) – 4:11

But, we ain’t done yet! Because, it’s out with the old and in with the even older as we got the DE-luxe of Pinkerton in our ears!!!!

Oh my. Been a loooong time since I’ve listened to Pinkerton all the way through and oh oh my… Like putting on your favourite pair of jeans, the ones you like to rock out with your cock button-flied in, so so good. Though meticulously built, it sound raw, rough, & so fucking good. The only weak spot is the weak spot it’s been for 14 years now and that’s the repeat chorus over and over and over motif of “Getchoo”, though to call it a weak spot is misleading as it’s about 1,334,277 times better than the repeat chorus over and over and over motif of every single song on Hurley/Rad/etc of late.

Pinkerton is great. I love Blue, it owned my 1994, but Pinkerton is king in my heart. Mmmmm…….

But what of the rest? Lots of b-sides that we have had for years, amazing songs like “Devotion”, “Waiting On You”, “You Gave Your Love To Me Softly”, “I Just Through Out The Love Of My Dreams”, etc, etc. and many of them are just awesome-sauce.

Then you get to the live stuff which I could care less about.

Then the outakes, which are interesting and stuff. Then finally some new songs for us (new to me, at least) like “Getting Up And Leaving” & “Tragic Girl” which are interesting b-b-sides (though “Tragic Girl seems to go on forever.

But, in the end, it’s about re-listening to & re-discovering Pinkerton and there’s nothing really to say about it except it was so so so so good to hear you again.



01. Tired Of Sex
02. Getchoo
03. No Other One
04. Why Bother?
05. Across The Sea
06. The Good Life
07. El Scorcho

08. Pink Triangle
09. Falling For You
10. Butterfly

The Deluxe Edition contains additional live tracks, b-sides, and other takes. The track list also includes:

11. “You Gave Your Love to Me Softly” 1:57
12. “Devotion” 3:11
13. “The Good Life” (radio remix) 4:08
14. “Waiting on You” 4:13
15. “I Just Threw out the Love of My Dreams” 2:39
16. “The Good Life” (live and acoustic) 4:40
17. “Pink Triangle” (radio remix) 4:02
18. “I Swear It’s True” 3:19
19. “Pink Triangle” (live and acoustic) 4:18
20. “Interview – 107.7 The End – Blue Vs. Pinkerton” 1:32

and a second disc, containing:

1. “You Won’t Get With Me Tonight” 3:29
2. “The Good Life” (live at Y100 Sonic Session) 4:37
3. “El Scorcho” (live at Y100 Sonic Session) 4:07
4. “Pink Triangle” (live at Y100 Sonic Session) 4:10
5. “Why Bother?” (live at Reading Festival 1996) 2:18
6. “El Scorcho” (live at Reading Festival 1996) 4:09
7. “Pink Triangle” (live at Reading Festival 1996) 4:52
8. “The Good Life” (live at X96) 4:13
9. “El Scorcho” (live and acoustic) 4:26
10. “Across The Sea Piano Noodles” 0:38
11. “Butterfly” (alternate take) 2:48
12. “Long Time Sunshine” 4:17
13. “Getting Up and Leaving” 3:28
14. “Tired Of Sex” (tracking rough) 2:58
15. “Getchoo” (tracking rough) 2:57
16. “Tragic Girl” 5:26

Fun times, eh? Now, can we stop with the Weezer for a bit? Thanks!


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