We’re back and we are listening to Bad Books!!!

Photography of Audrey by me..
Part of my oiseaux rétros de tsurufoto series!

Hello and howdy! Did you miss me? Oooooof course you did! Aw….. tender! Well, after a little break last week to recharge ye ol’ batteries, we are back and queued up with some pretty sweet gemtastical gems of albums to keep our ear canals happy!

It’s going to be an interesting month, to be sure. Oh, first off, happy November to ya! What’s on the docket for the next 30 days? Well, besides featuring wonderful albums, videos, songs, etc, we’ve got our 4th volume of Aaron Loves Meghan in works for our anniversary on November 17th! THEN begins the tallying, analyzing, sorting and coordinating our list for the Most Awesomest Tsururific Albums Of 2010! The goal is to wrap this all up before Baby & I take our next vaca in December when we go to Paris, then come back ready to starting thinking about 2011 (you just know the first 2011 leak is right around the corner)……..

So yeah, gonna be a busy bird this month. What better way to start it all off then by talking about the wonderful little self-titled album by Bad Books!

Okay, the first tag that will probably pop up is psych-pop-rock, with emphasis on the pop-rock as the psych is more because of the distorted bits here, uber-fuzzy sections there, and drug-hazed aesthetics float about like floaters in your eye.

But beyond that, the pop-rock, almost rootsy at times, almost Wilbury-esque at other, and, on occasion, a bit rockin’ is what’s really in control. Catchy bits of lyrics, hooky asides that will randomly pop up — like on “Holding Down The Laughter” when the background singers chime in, you can help but rejoice in it!

My only question about the album is on it’s faith. It seems like I’d notice mentions here and there about god, faith, etc, and I’m not sure if they are actually, you know, christians or if it’s just part of the story-telling. A bit more listenerin’ and a bit more readerin’ up on these guys will clear it up over time, but for now, I’m content to just listen and enjoy!

You should do that too…


1. How This All Ends
2. The Easy Mark & The Old Maid
3. Baby Shoes
4. You’re A Mirror I Cannot Avoid
5. Holding Down The Laughter
6. You Wouldn’t Have To Ask
7. I Begged You Everything
8. Please Move
9. Mesa, AZ
10. Texas

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