Some Times: we’re thankful

Gratuitous blurry guitar shot of The Thermals, by arimyg


It’s Thanksgiving y’all! Basically! I’ll be spending it with my sister and her boyfriend and my boyfriend, like a cute little piece of a familial gathering. They came out to visit me in California for the week (from NYC) and I’m soooo happy to have them. My sister and I are really tight, despite at 14year age difference. We still borrow each others clothes, shoes, music, and career goals (seriously…). I’m thankful that she’s out here, cause sometimes when you move around as much as I do you forget where exactly home is. It’s nice to have a reminder.

Anyway, WOW MY LIFE WOW SO MANY THINGS. Since I last posted I totally hosted a concert featuring Tennis and Kisses and IT WAS AWESOME (or, I enjoyed it a lot at least) Both bands played great sets and everyone congratulated me and people seemed to be enjoying themselves, dancin’ etc. it felt like my birthday forreal. I posted a tiny little review of it for the KSPC blog here, incase you’re curious!

Well I havent done a straightup itty-interweb-style (WOAH THROWBACK AMIRIGHT?) post ina while, but I have a few little guys here that I want to post so WELL WHY NOT?

First things first.

All right. That was good. Also,

Okay now that cute animals are out of our systems (well, let’s be real, they’re never really out of our system…) we can move on to something else!

You know Ke$ha right? That classy dame with the hair? We all know she’s got some pretty great songs out there floating around the radiowaves and mtvs… do you want to be like her? I should rephrase…. do you want to be popular like her? IRREGARDLESS, you can write a hit song just like one of hers now that there is this nice and easy guide! It’s pretty accurate. I hope all of my readers now become famous. If you want me to celebrity on a track just lemme know ;)
How to Write a Ke$ha Song

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is finally out forreal. I personally adore the album and believe it deserves whatever it gets (well, maybe more like a 9.5, but still… p4k was just rounding up) I dont give a fuck if I can’t really listen to the Chris Rock part anymore at the end of Blame Game anymore, that song is fucking incredible. And so is most of the rest of the album, even though we’ve all be listening to a good portion of it since the beginning of G.O.O.D. Fridays. Anyway, I just wanted to blurb it right quick here and if you havent listened to it, but have been tuned into all the backlash, don’t even listen to that shit. Hear the album (as in the music, not the Ye gossip), hear what it’s doing for pop music today and hear the 10.0 (or slightly less). It’s worth it. Did I mention that the Runaway video is my favorite thing of the year? Maybe? LONG LIVE ART.
Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Remember when Sufjan released Age of Adz and everyone freaked the fuck out about his new electronic direction and bitches got mad and fought in the streets? Meanwhile, I kept my cool, I embraced “I Walked,” “Too Much,” and the like. Unfortunately, it’s gone to far. I saw the pictures from his first show on this tour with the visor and the neons and I didn’t want to say it, but after the release of this “Too Much” music video it just has to be done. All ironies and wordplay aside, Sufjan, this is just too much. I’m literally LOLLING at you. Is that a metallic leather jacket?What are you doing with that? Adding synths doesn’t mean you have to dress like  Tron. And while we’re on the subject, your Jimmy Fallon performance was a little embarrassing. Why are you covered in electrical tape? I love you, and to be honest, I stand by Age of Adz as a kickass album where you experimented successfully. Alas, I don’t know where things stand between us now. I just don’t know.

Blah blah blah. I’m gonna leave you with three totally random and not new at all but really kickass songs that have been on repeat on my itunes this week. ON REPEAT. SERIOUSLY, CHECK MY LAST.FM. I’LL KILL YOU.

Geographer – Kites

The Thermals – I’m Gonna Change Your Life

GOBBLE GOBBLE – Lawn Knives *Thanksgiving bonus.

Okay I love you!

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