TEAM DUETS & Sidewalks by Matt & Kim!!!

Photography by Andrea Colombo

Don’t you just love boy/girl duet bands? Yeah, me too…



But, with that being said, I’ve got a sweet ass new Matt & Kim album boogieing — is that how you spell that?? Sounds like a good word to describe picking you nose, eh? — in my eardrum canals called Sidewalks!

Fun album!

Starts off with a party bang with “Block After Block”, a classic 80s/90s dance beat kicks us off, possibly sampled from Milli Vanilli’s “B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-Baby, Don’t Forget Mah Numbah!’, hard to tell for sure, but it’s a sweet jam that that ends in a raucous.

They keep the party going with “AM/FM Sound”, though who the hell is listening to the radio these days is beyond me.

A song that near and dear to my heart is “Cameras”, and stretchy silly puddy sound effects and what sounds like playing jars with wood spoons, singing about flashes on cameras… Mmmmm…

And so it goes, each song is synthy fun good times, certainly sugary jammin’ apartment party music. I mean, it’s almost hard to NOT see a tiny, over-priced Brooklyn apartment jammed pack with ironically dressed hipsters!


You know, I have a theory about hipsters. Wanna hear it?

I think that early-to-mid 20-something hipsters of today were the young adult emo kids of yesterday. They all left high school, Hot Topic, & myspace (well, most of them), got iPhones and a major in graphic arts, hopped on Facebooks & twitters, discovered PBR, American Apparel & bicycles, and became those kids that so many love to hate.


It’s just a theory. I’m like Jane Goodall, hipsters are my gorillas (in the mist)….


Where were we? Oh yeah.. Sidewalks



1. Block After Block
2. AM/FM Sound
3. Cameras
4. Red Paint
5. Where You’re Coming From
6. Good for Great
7. Northeast
8. Wires
9. Silver Tiles
10. Ice Melts

And looky, a Sidewalks slide show..

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2 comments for “TEAM DUETS & Sidewalks by Matt & Kim!!!

  1. matt
    March 24, 2011 at 12:37 AM

    your theory is correct. i have had this theory for years.

    they are former emo kids who listened to the get up kids, juliana theory, thursday, etc. now, they are “hip” and know what the fuck is up. do not question the hip.

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