Nekkid pictures and Beauregard by Pepper Rabbit!!

Photography by Marta Bevacqua

Oh my! This weekend is going to be TSURUFOTO TSURURIFIC!!!! So, excuse me whilest I pimperin’ myself out for a sec or two, eh?

1. I’m working on this bad-ass vintage series for a calendar, well this weekend is the final 3 shoots! After this, it’s time to assemble with my font collaborator Jillian and get that bad boy up on the internettals of love tubulars for your datin’ needs! WOOT!

2. With one of the shoots, I’m trying my hand at video! It may be an epic failure of epic portions of epicnosity but I got an idea, I got two incredible people who are willing to play along, so I GOTS to give it a go! If I can pull this off, keep an eye out for the viddy soon!

3. I’ve decided it’s time to try something even newerererer………… That’s right, my friends, I’m goin’ into the boudoir business, but TSURUFOTO-style!!!

i.e….. NOT expensive & NOT glamour-shots! TSURUFOTO-style means polaroids & vintage-style prints, simple, fun, easy-peasy, beautiful, & priced where you don’t need to have $1000 to have someone take a photo of you! We got the Facebook page started and an early-version of a website up!

IF we can get them printed quick enough, we’ll be offering coupons in the goodiebags at Viewfinder on November 20 & 21 at Junctionview!


Exciting stuff, eh? As if that wasn’t enough (and sometimes it certainly feels like it is), I finally got a sweet idea on how to display our infamous Born In A Bottlerocket series! If I can pull THAT off, who knows? Maybe some adventurous & brave gallery will give us a wall or two for a show, eh?

Oh man. I’m BEAT just thinking about it. Between that and closing in on 6,000 miles on the bike this year, honestly I need all the music I can get just to keep me sane so thank the lardy lard that Beuregard by Pepper Rabbit made it’s way into my ear canals..

Did you know that the difference between an ear canal and an ear river is that the canal is man made? Mmm… rivers of wax.

Beuregard is beureutiful! There’s an element of that whole dreamy beach housey thingy thing that’s been floating around the intertubes since earlier this year, but somehow, I feel like this one feels more organic. Pianos and mandolins and woodwinds and banjos are the instruments from which their dreamscapes are made.

Ew… anyone else think of cheesy crap like dreamcatchers when you read the word “dreamscapes”? lol…

Okay, that’s pretty epic. But alas and know, there’s no Navajo spirit in this release, it’s beach boys and sweet dreams, more Cali than Mesa. And it’s just beautiful…. So load it up, warsh yer worries all away and have a wonderful wonderful weekend, my cranes, we’ll see you before long!!

01 Clarinet Song
02 Harvest Moon

03 In the Spirit of Beauregard
04 Red Wine
05 Snowalker
06 Older Brother
07 None Shall Sleep
08 Song for a Pump Organ
09 Babette!
10 Send in the Horns

Pepper Rabbit love: Myspace | Official | Label


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