Crane’s Day Mixtape Exchange Expose!!!–>tsurucmmntyprsts.. AdventurerNeil’s “This Time, Baby, I’ll Be Bulletproof” Mixtape!!!

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Hey Cranes!

It’s Neil, ya know, long-lost AdventurerNeil, checkin’ in with ya to say ‘howdy!’, and share some muzak (mmm…sweet, sweet muzak). As you may know, I enjoy my music like the cookie monster enjoys his dough…
C is for cookie...   good enough for me!

You guys are nazis, man!

So yeah, sorry for being all sorts of wicked-absent and never posting… sad story: right as the last mixtapes week was kickin’ off, my computer went kaput. Since then I’ve been busy, sure, but mostly just complacent and lazy. Boo complacent and lazy! >:| My computer is still broken, but I finally decided to hijack a roommate’s computer or two, and blamo, a few searched-up gmail passwords later and I’m in bloggerin’ heaven! Lesson? Where there’s a will there’s a way, yo! Man, I really really missed this place… I’m really quite happy with the kinds of moments that are possible on TSURURADIO!

A whiles back, Tsuru posted and invited all you fine folks to come on over to the society and engage in a little Crane’s Day Mixtape Exchange action… wellsir, 20+ of us birds swarmed and signed up and exchanged all sorts of fun goodies!

(A major shoutout goes to Story, the mistress of society awesomeness, for organizing it all and having patience with my lack of checking-in, patience with my extremely-late mixtape, and for sending me an awesome package!)

Welp, I’ve been itching to share my mixtape with the world at large (I never was good at keeping my mixtapes “for your eyes only”… gotta share that s#%t!). It’s basically a massive homage to the awesomness that is TSURURADIO…. which is to say, I owe credit to the blog and society for 85%ish of songs that appear on this mix. Regular readers might be sadfaced at how familiar the tracks look. But so what! I love them, and they sound damn good together, and include much of my favorite music from 2010… so what more can ya ask for?!

Anywho, less chit-chat, more rock!

The TSURURADIO Community Presents… A Special Crane’s Day Mixtape Exchange Event… With Lots Of Capitalized Words And Suspense-y Anticipation… AdventurerNeil’s “This Time, Baby, I’ll Be Bulletproof” Mixtape!!!

1. Colin Munroe – Bulletproof Monster (La Roux X Nicki Minaj Revox)
2. Hudson Mohawke – Rising 5
3. Small Black – Search Party
4. The High Wire – Odds & Evens (Twins Remix)
5. Javelin – Too Many Feelings
6. Wintersleep – Trace Decay
7. Dominant Legs – About My Girls
8. Arcade Fire – We Used To Wait
9. Generationals – Faces In The Dark
10. Kori Pop – Nowhere Near My Heart
11. Beach House – Used To Be
12. Local Natives – Airplanes
13. Mndr – I Go Away
14. Junip – Rope And Summit
15. Coconut Records – Summer Day
16. Small Black – Photojournalist
17. Avi Buffalo – Coaxed
18. The High Wire – It’s No Secret
19. Goddamn Electric Bill – Ten Thousand Years
20. Ocean Age – Dalvik Tide

I like this mix. A lot. Tons of electronic, lots of pop, some rock, a hint of twee, a smidgen of post-rock, and many many healthy dashes of pure, unadultered longing
…that just bleeds through in every song. It follows my basic mixtape formula… start like a lion, end like a bedtime story… RAWR!Zzzzz… (don’t tell anyone my secret formula). I hope you enjoy the living bajeezus out of it! :D

Over and out for now!


PS. What a freaking ridiculously amazingly abundant year for music, eh???! Thanks to goodness we have papa Tsuru to help us enjoy the new stuff and share it… I’ve been looking forward to end-of-year madness ever since it happened last year!! Hours and hours and hours of new great epic stuff…! Or as Tsuru might say…

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