Bees? More like Bee’s Knees, amirite? Yeah, we are listening to Every Step’s A Yes by Bees

Photography by Jennifer Schussler

Mmm…. Bees and on my favourite day, Thursday! Why Thursday? Because Thursdays are like being next in line, you know, where you are waiting in some line, say at the airport, then suddenly you are next, the next open teller, the next available person, etc, is for you.

Good feeling…

Now, don’t get me wrong, it can be super-frustrating as well, as some Thursdays can be… Ever become Next and suddenly one of the reps finishes with a customer, you think it’s your turn, then BLAMO they inexplicably leave their station????


Ah, tis life, I presume… But (ir)regardless, it’s Thursday, word is there’s snow pending (say WHAAAA?) for tomorrow, but right now, the sun is shining and my soul is in a happy happy place. One of the big reasons for the pleasin’ is Every Step’s A Yes by Bees!

Okay, these guys are kinda-psych folk guys, but the album is pretty easy to digest, leaning more toward the 60s than some fucked up 2010 noise-fest. Honestly, that’s quite the good thing. It’s all 8mm films & hippie-styled thrift store clothes in these songs, without sounding contrived as some of these retro bands can tend to be on occasion… i.e. more this:

Than this:

You dig?

I think these guys are major label (really? huh?), so I’m just sticking with their single. Enjoy!

I Really Need Love

Winter Rose
Silver Line
No More Excuses
Tired Of Loving
Change Can Happen
Island Love Letter
Skill Of The Man
Pressure Makes Me Lazy

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1 comment for “Bees? More like Bee’s Knees, amirite? Yeah, we are listening to Every Step’s A Yes by Bees

  1. barrett
    November 16, 2010 at 3:52 AM

    I hoped these guys were still at it. I hadn`t heard anything from them since Free the Bees — an awesome album.

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