Bananas and Post Paradise by The Holidays!!!

Photography by Emememily

Hey kiddos! Happy Aaron Loves Meghan Eve!!! Yep, tomorrow is our anniversary, meaning tomorrow we’ll be presenting Baby & I’s latest mixtape! It’s a special one, well I guess they all are but still, so I’m really excited to get it up for ya! If time’s a-willin’, I’ll try to get all 4 up so you can wallow in cuteness until you vomit out every orifice on your body, including your belly button!!


But… as always, that’s then and this is now and for now we got a sweeeeet gem out of Australia recommended by friend, new society member, and Aussie (well, American living in Australia) himself Ryan called Post Paradise by The Holidays!

Ryan called them “surf popidelica rock” and honestly, I don’t think I could come up with anything better. The songs flow from near Vampire Weekendish beachy something on “Moonlight Hours” & “Golden Sky” to songs like “Broken Bones” which almost have a post-Richard-Marx-ness about them — yeah, tha’ts right, I said Richard-Fucking-Marx!

What??? — to something like “6AM” which starts off with a dreamy etherealness before dropping into a sweet groove and so on and so on! It’s all over the place yet maintains it’s cohesiveness with a kinda light & fun aesthetic that just, oh, I don’t know, what’s a good music cricket word, permeates the whole album.

Kinda like how when you keep a banana in your lunch bag, one that’s teetering on brownness, then suddenly everything, from the sandwich to the yogurt to the fucking granola bar all kinda have that banana taste to it… but in a good way!

Mmm…. Bananas! Got one right next to me! Going to eat the hell out of that banana!

1. Heavy Feathers
2. Moonlight Hours

3. 2 Days
4. 6am
5. Golden Sky

6. Broken Bones
7. Indian Summer Anniversary
8. Conga
9. Slimeface
10. A Million Eyes

Holiday love: Myspace | Official | Label


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