Welcome back with We Live On Cliffs by Adam Haworth Stephens…

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Well hello there and happy hump day to ya! Chilly morning with a gorgeous sunrise on the bike ride today, busted out the tights, first time since last winter/early spring, and therefore, ergo, busted out the SEXY! Uh-huh! Though a little rain came in for a bit immediately after the ride, the expectations are sunshine and gorgeousnesocity for the rest of the week! Meaning miles and miles and miles on my bike!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Now, though winter is fast approaching, and that may cause a few of you to moan and grown and wonder where the hell you put all your winter socks, you should look up! Because… where there’s winter, there’s also every music geeks favourite time of the year, ALBUM OF THE YEAR LIST SEASON! WHEEE!

I know what you are thinking…. it’s only October. Seems to start earlier every year, doesn’t it? You know, side note, we all say that every year about xmas and if it was half as true as we think it feels, xmas would be starting in March at this point, eh? ANYWHOSALDOOSAL! It’s October and looking over at the what’s coming down the pipe over on Metacritic, it’s slim pickings from “the big names” and most of the albums I do care about, have already leaked!

So….. what does that mean for you and me and this tender relationship we call bloggerin’??? Outside a few notable exceptions (Fleet Foxes, eh?) and maybe a bands that are hot and hyped that I have no clue of their existence — granted, that’s probably a significant number — it’s going to be mostly small guys, from here on out, like today’s gem, the solo effort from Two Gallants band member Adam Haworth Stephens and his debut We Live On Cliffs!

I put this on for the first time on my late & delayed flight back from Phoenix on Monday night. While reading Paul Hoffman’s The Left Hand Of God — fucked up book, so far, and reeeally good! — on my kindle, not know who this guy was and what to expect at all.

That’s right… I was disconnected from the intertubes for a few hours!!!! duh-duh-duuuuuuuuuuuuuh!!!!

Scary, eh? No worries, smartphones meant was pretty connected, except for during the air, which meant Kindle & my 1,280,533,299 GB iPod classic (or something). Flew old school! LOL.

Alright, so what do we got with We Live On Cliffs? Well, on the surface it’s a simple indie-folk/roots-rock album and everything that encompasses, including a wonderfully whiny nasally voice — why oh why do I love the nasally whiny voices? I’ve been told that my singing voice, when I’m not doing my best Eddie Vedder, is rather nasally — and all kinds of simple acoustic & non-acoustic well-crafted songs.

In a world where people are looking for the next hook, the new wave, blog-wave, chill-wave, dream-wave, whatever-wave movement to sweet up Pitchforkland, this album is rather refreshing for it’s simplicity, it’s lack of pretensiousnessocity. It’s at times sleepy, at times lovely, at times tender, and but always sounding, well, real.

If I was to do one of those, if you like X, you’ll like why things, I’d say, this is for fans of Elvis Perkins In Dearland. Yeah, kinda like that. And for being so honest and so right for a latenight flight and a upcoming sunny day…. 4 WHEELIES!

Track List:
1. Praises In Your Name
2. Second Mind
3. With Vengeance Come
4. Heights of the Diamond
5. The Cities That You’ve Burned
6. Elderwoods
7. Southern Lights
8. Angelina
9. Everyday I Fall

Some Stephens love: Myspace | Official | Label



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