VIDEOS: Cloud Cult Live on KEXP… Shouldn’t they only use acoustic instruments?

Perusing the intertubals, came across this Cloud Cult performance at something called KEXP, no related to WKRP in Cincinnati.  Quite lovely live performance and, as you know, I’m quite the Cloud Cult fan, but given their uber-environmental belief system (umlats removed to conserve energy), shouldn’t they only play acoustic instruments?   Then watch the videos, look at all the people, microphones, camera angles, hot diggity, how many kilojoules did they burn through that day?

That little baby megaphone alone is probably pulling some wattage from a 9-volt, eh?

Hey Cloud Cult, you know I’m going to keep bustin’ those balls until you put out your awesome-O records on RECORDS, right?  I love you guys, but I want Light Chasers on vinyl where I will love it, hold it, caress it, & make love to it for ever and ever, then pass it to my girls….

By the way, while I got you, your PR peeps at *insert PR company here* (redacted to protect the innocent) in some email meant to get me to listen/review/etc your album that I already listened/reviewed/etc, was rather disingenuous when they quoted Pitchfork saying, “…epic, millennial indie rock…” about your TSURURADIO album of the year contender. I checked, the album actually got a rather “meh” 5.4 review.  Made me kinda wonder about the rest of the quotes…

I believe Utne’s “…this music sends out pulsing rays of hope.”, they are bias, but when you have that Filter said it was “…supremely beautiful…”, for all I know they were saying, “the chicks in Cloud Cult are supremely beautiful, but man, unlike these women, this album sucks my balls!!!”

After all, they are quite beautiful…

…and it is Filter.


Anywhosaldoosal, last day in Phoenix before I fly home later today, so enough oil-burning, let’s get on with the viddys!


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  1. October 7, 2010 at 2:07 PM

    Actually leave the umlauts. It takes less energy for monitors to display blk vs. white. I’m a smartass; sorry.

  2. October 7, 2010 at 4:09 PM


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