TsuruBride Presents… A Rare Bird: Calendar Girl!!!

Photography by ME!!!

I love I love I love I love my calendar girl!!!


Ah, the calendar girl…. an infactuation, crush, purely one-sided relationship that last about one month, maybe a little longer depending on how often you actually look at your calendar in today’s app-eat-app world.

Much like Isabella in our cover art! How many young lads & ladies will gaze into her eyes, swoon, only to fall in love with Tiffany or Nina come next month?

Yep, I’m working on my next calendar! Some of you may remember last year’s calendars, all hand-made and epic, right?

Well after making the Crafty Cotillions Go 80s calendar this past month…

I’m hot the trail of setting up, not one, but two new calendars for the coming year.


One will be based on our greatly appreciated & should-be award winning — and NSFW — Born In A Bottlerocket series of folktale re-tellings and the other, even more scandalous as we time-warp all my amazing models to the 70s/80s where there is no such thing as hair being TOO feathered!

That series is still in works, but keep an eye soon! 2011 is right around the corner!!!


oh… nope, still 2010…


Ah.. not yet!

Well, it may not be 2011 yet, but that don’t mean we can’t cruise a year via 13 delectably curated songs by the unimitatable TsuruBride, right???

And what a wonderful little mixtape it is! When she was putting it together, I was curious how it would flow, after all, she had no say on the order, just which songs for each month was to be used! You can’t go and put January after March just because January may be more of a down-tempo song… It’s fucking January, man! After the intro — the PERFECT intro, I might add — comes January, that’s just how it is.

But, when she popped this bad boy in the car on a drive to work, we both loved the result! I don’t know how she does it! She picks a theme, pulls it all together, and BLAMO, awesome mixtape!

Wonderful, Baby… Just wonderful.

Quite a nice way to end the week, too, especially after all that, uh, hair flying about from Peanut’s and my mixtapes, eh? Oh.. Oh my.


I’ll tell ya. I’ve had a lot of fun this week. I really have! But… I’m BEAT. So, after this post, your boy Tsuru is taking a little week long sabbatical from TSURURADIO, maybe spend the time looking at the site, tweaking it, and maybe planning our next big thing, whatever the hell that may be, and generally enjoying a little breaky-poo.


I’m going to ask our lovely & talented & totally hot paper crane collective to keep on rocking the posts — I think Dorice still has 2 mixtapes up her sleeve! — I’ll still be on the twitters, faceboogers, and our society, of course of course of course, but papa bird needs to take a breather.

*inhale deeply*

AAAAAHHHHH……………….. Feelin’ better already!


TsuruBride Presents…

A Rare Bird: Calendar Girl!!!

(full zip)

Calendar Girl – Neil Sedaka
January Wedding – The Avett Brothers
There’s No Love in February – The Orion Experience
Waters of March – Sergio Mendes
April Fool – Rufus Wainwright
May – Brittle Stars
June – Pete Yorn
July Flame – Laura Veirs
August – Rilo Kiley
Pale September – Fiona Apple
October – Broken Bells
Mr. November – The National
December – Basia Bulat

Don’t you just love it!!! See you guys soon!

Tsuru & The Bride

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  1. October 22, 2010 at 4:20 PM

    How original (as always)! Loving it already!!

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