Some Times feature: Ashes by Ellul

Guys, I happened upon the nicest little band the other day! I was down in the KSPC basement, searching the stacks for a CD to review when I pulled out the album Ashes by Ellul with the sticky “glitchy electronic indie pretty dang great.” So I was all “What the what! That sounds stellar!” Then it sat at the bottom of my purse for 6 days, but that’s besides the point. Yesterday I finally remembered it, loaded it up and WOW OMG IT’S FAB!

Ellul is this San Francisco based group centered around the brainwork of “Blanket Head” and “The General” (Joel St. Julien and Joel Tarman, respectively.) The whole album is sort of a collection of juxtapositions of electronic and folk music, often dancing between the two with this light pitter-patter of beats (such as on the opening track “Cages,”) or going all out in one direction or the other (as is discernable in the back-to-back tracks “Good Night” and “Debris”). The album is also lyric-heavy, with some really beautiful lines filling the record.

Ellul reminds me often of a Justin Vernon project, maybe that went on vacation one time with Ben Gibbard (circa Postal Service) but then decided to go his own route and get a new usually heartfelt, occasionally winey vocalist. And then also throw a bunch of other random shit into it too. Whatever, it works! I recommend the album!

Grave Peddlers
Good Night
Debris (snap.crackle.pop)
Egg Shells

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