Some Times: are lousy and grey

Sunbathers, Pomona College

Wussup kiddos?

Today is a cloudly, lousy day in southern California. I have no patience for this shit. As a result, I will probably skip class and lay in bed watching Boardwalk Empire this afternoon. BEFORE THAT THOUGH, I’ll post some things for y’all!

What do I need to get through this dark and dreary Monday? A NEW RYERYE SONG CALLED “SUNSHINE”! Rye Rye alone is already one of my fav chicks in the scene right now, and she just LOVES to collab with MIA. They’ve got this new one that just got ousted onto the internet, and you can stream it at stereogum! horrah!
Rye Rye – “Sunshine”

Several layers of conversation with my buddy Hendrik got me over to this video from Summer Camp for their song “Round The Moon.” I know it’s 2 months old, but maybe you, like me, totally didn’t get on this when it was hot. Thus, you have a 2nd chance! It’s 70s (or some decade that i haven’t experienced) and teenybopper and sad and happy and adorable. OMG WATCH IT.

SUMMER CAMP – Round the Moon from Paddy Power on Vimeo.

Jack White is WILD. His label Third Man Records is making vinyl collecting so exciting. They mention a couple things they’ve done in the past in this video, IE Peach scented records, but this new triple decker business is out of this worrrrld. Wacth Jack himself show it off:

And now for two quick tracks that I’ve been lovin’ lately! The first I picked up at Altered Zones last week by the band Blue Hawaii. They’ve also put their whole album up for free here!
Blue Hawaii – Blue Gowns

The 2nd is off of Glasser’s new album Ring. I’m reviewing this CD for my school’s radio station (KSPC, YO) and I’ve had this album on repeat all week. It’s all so fucking pretty! damnit!
Glasser – Home

Here we are at the end!

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