Profound Broccoli: the beatles

photography by purpleplaid

I’ve been missing for here a while, my apologies. There’s been a mish mash of stuff I’ve had to deal with (some fantastic and some utterly & truly tragic) that has just left my brain not in the blogging mindset (Twitter is waay easier). But I’m slowing coming back to it. I’ll try to let you guys know about the shows I’ve been seeing over the past while and hopefully share some new favs for you (in another post). Right now with Canada being fairly quiet with Thanksgiving celebrations (we celebrate it the 2nd Monday of October), I’ve become rather reflective today which means a big Beatles kick. I thought I’d share my top fav Beatles tracks for y’all. Who’s my fav? Ringo of course! Totally makes sense right?! I never explored the Beatles till uni but knew Ringo growing up from watching Shining Time Station where he played Mr. Conductor (later the same role was played by George Carlin). I can’t really explain my love for Ringo, I just do. He’s a drummer, seems like the sweetest man ever, his voice has this wonderful happiness and is a little imperfect in the best way possible. Anyway my fav Beatles tracks in no particular order (although Eleanor Rigby is my fav fav).

Later lovelies,

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