Peanut’s Playground: What Happens On The Surface And Also Happiness By Hurts

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If you’re looking for substance over form, you’ve come to wrong place. Because this next one…it’s the complete opposite but I still freaking love it!

Hurts – Happiness

This looks to be another release that hasn’t made it to the States yet (if it ever will). And I’m not so sure they would be much of a succes when they do make it over across the pond. But over here, in pop-obsessed Europe they are starting to get a pretty good vibe. In typical fashion the UK, Germany and the whole of Scandinavia have already fallen for them, and rightly so.

Hurts are a two-man synthpop outfit from Manchester. And if you’re anything like me, and by this I mean that you’re a HUGE fan of 80’s synthpop like I am, then you will like Hurts. Hurts sounds like an updated version of bands like O.M.D. and the lighter side of Depeche Mode.

As said, there isn’t much substance here, but who fucking cares if the form is as good as this is. I can guarantee you, more than two listens to this album will have every melody stick in your head for days and will also have you come back to it time after time. It happened to me, even after I first put it aside for being ‘too mwah’. It took a reminder from my music buddy (everyone should have one of those!) to get me to shove it in my iTunes again. Thank you again for that Jeetje, my musical life has become the better for it.

Enough sobbing already! Go check ’em out. Now!


1. Silver Linings

2. Wonderful Life

3. Blood, Tears & Gold

4. Sunday

5. Stay

6. Illuminated

7. Evelyn

8. Better Than Love

9. Devotion

10. Unspoken

11. The Water

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  1. October 6, 2010 at 9:35 PM

    Yes… your articles ARE great & shit!

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