Peanut’s Playground: Forgotten Classics – 6. Caesar – Caesar

Photography by PollyMass

Today’s selection is not so much a Forgotten Classic, but rather just Forgotten…

Caesar – Caesar (2003)

Amsterdam’s own Caesar were in one word: amazing! Were? Yes. Were. They no longer exist. But when Caesar were active the world was the better for it (not that more than 500 people realized it). Because they were nothing less than stellar when they existed.

Releasing 4 full albums before there demise, their eponymous fourth was from 2003. The reason I’m writing about it is because I fetched it from the garage last week, ripped it, and fucking loved it! Again. Their particular brand of guitar orientated pop is – in my opinion – the best ever made in the Nether Regions. I must admit, that isn’t that hard since most music that originates from here sucks balls, but still. Caesar were very very good. Easy when they wanted, manic when it was needed. But never ever dull or unoriginal.

Since this album is almost impossible to get a hold off when you’re not from my neck of the woods, I’ve posted a few more songs than usual. Check ’em out. Be amazed (because you will). And mourn with me about the demise of one of the true unknown bands of heroes.


1. Supersonic

2. Stop That Girl

3. El Cat Race

4. In Flames

5. Twist

6. I Know I

7. Dark Matter

8. C.I.A.

9. She Likes My Way

10. The Safeworld

11. Lives Of Mary Lane

12. Please Go On

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