Let Me Come Home by Broken Records & A 4AD video-mixtape!!! WOO!

Photography by blueshark

What? It’s not fucking Friday? Bull. Shit. Longest shortened week ever. How come the shortest weeks are the busiest?


Let’s get on with it!

Let Me Come Home by Broken Records, it’s like an… well, like an Scottish version of Killers! It’s not just the vocals, it’s just the, hmmmm, over all aesthetic. And, yeah, to any of you “haters” that are drinking that “hater-ade” (personally, I drink H2, lot less calories, but plenty of hate), that’s a good thing! Really good stuff, occasionally over-dramatic, but enjoyably so, and dripping with a bit of kilt-wearing, underwear-not-wearing goodness.

Funny how the brain works, how it makes those odd connections that probably make no sense whatsoever to you & yours….

Wait. These guys are Scots, right? Could’ve sworn I heard a few Canadian style hard U’s in there….. Good times! 3 and 1 half wheelies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

1. A Leaving Song
2. Modern Worksong
3. Dia Dos Namorados
4. The Motorcycle Boy Reigns
5. A Darkness Rises Up
6. Ailene
7. I Used To Dream
8. You Know You’re Not Dead
9. The Cracks In The Wall
10. Home

And some old viddies!

And you know what? Since we is at it and since I posted oh so little of that jibber jabber you love… how about some more 4AD video hotness on a stick?????? Not my idea, this one comes by way of Andrew Hunt who said, after I complained of 4AD’s website, recommended I search for “4AD” on youtube…… YUMMY!

Thanks Andrew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This 4AD viddy-mixtape is for you!!!

Broken Record love: Myspace | Label | Official



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