A little vacation but a whole lotta tsuruloosies!!!

Photography by “Suburban Stonehenge” by me!

Happy Friday!!!!  We may be going on a little vacation over the weekend (I’m going down to AZ to see my baby birds), but before we go I’d figured we’d catch up on all the exciting new hyped & hot tracks floating around the intertubes!!!  WOO!


Before we go there even, I got to share something new that happened to me, a first, on my bicycle on my ride home last night. There’s always situations where I’m put in DAAANGER here and there, almost always out of ignorance.  I stay vigilant, assume I’m invisible, that there’s always a car right behind me, etc, etc, etc.  But last night, I was cruising along and a Somalian woman pulls up next to me as we are heading toward a traffic light.

Now, before you call me a racists, the ONLY reason I bring up what she was because in her head garb, somehow, she had attached a flip-open cell phone to her head!  To help demonstrate, some google image searching and a little photoshop, it was a little something like this.

Puts a whole new meaning to “hands free”, eh?  Bluetooth?  PSH!

Anywhosal, she pulls up to my left as we are all slowing down for the light that just turned green, she looks me square in the eyes as I look into her’s, she then looks left, I look right, and start to go forward on to see she is turning right….  i.e. right into me.

Some yelling and some rather blasphemous words on my part, and she holds up to let me, you know, live.  Wow.  This was only about 30 minutes after a guy at work almost hit me IN THE PARKING LOT as he jibbered on his iPhone.

Okay, look, I’m careful, got my helmet on (of course), wearing bright clothes, got my lights on, my bike is fucking white & orange, c’mon… Just give me those 3 feet and keep an eye out, okay?  Look, I know there’s a bunch of shitty cyclists out there, I see them every day, going the wrong way, flying down sidewalks, weaving around cars while blowing through stop lights without helmets.  But it’s still a person’s life, so you know…  how about?  The blogger’s life you take, could be the one you are subscribed to!

Enough serious shit!  Let’s get on with some MUUUUUUUUUUSIC!  All tsuruloosie style!

WOOOOT!  Got a bunch of ’em waiting for wheelie action, so let’s hop to it!!!

Blank Dogs – Northern Islands

Meh… fine, I suppose, a bit lackluster, sounds like it was made on my casio down in the basement.  Nice little guitar bit.  *shrug*

British Sea Power – Zeus

Every time I listen to British Sea Power, I always think of someone else.  In this case, my brain floated from The Features to Arcade Fire!  (Ir)regardless… not too shabby dabby!

Deerhunter – Helicopter

Hey!  We talked about this album already! Trippy tightness!

Fresh and Onlys – Waterfall

Ah!  A traveling song!  ROAD TRIP!!!! lol.  With a name like Fresh And Onlys this better be, well, fresh!  Sounds more familiar than fresh, but I likes it!

Glasser – Home

Glasser, eh?  Didn’t we do this one already?  Like TWICE now?  Still 4 wheelies, but people, why haven’t you dump this in the trash and moved on to your “new jam” yet???  lol.0

Kanye West – So Appalled (feat. RZA, Jay-Z, Pusha T, Swizz Beatz & Cyhi the Prynce)

Oh boy, Kanye, eh?  Okay, I’m a good bloggerin’ so let’s do this.  “Donald Trump” reference.  Oh my.  “Rubbers”… huh.  Oh Kanye, this song is “fucking ri-dik-uh-lous”.

Lucksmiths – Get-To-Bed Birds

Ah, chimey brit pop!  A nice palette cleanser.  Sweet & sad…  Awww… nice.

Sharon Van Etten – Don’t Do It

With a name like “Sharon Van Etten” this shit better be tight and BOLD.  Kinda reminds me of Florence And the Machine scissoring Mazzy Starr.

And for that…

The Octopus Project – Fuguefat

Charlie Brown theme song starts this off.  Ever so slightly building…  1/3 the way through, not much happening.  Come on OP, let’s do this!  AH!  1/2 mark, we got bass and stuffs!  Aaaaand… that’s it.

The Radio Dept. – The New Improved Hypocrisy

Zzzzzzzz– huh, what?  Oh, it’s over.

The Suuns – Up Past The Nursery

BOOM-boop-BOOM-boop… oh shit, this guy sings weird.  Does he not move his lips?  Musically pretty cool, his voice is more like an instrument more than “singing”.  Pretty cool and ever so slightly sinister.

The Thermals – Never Listen To Me

Dig these guys, keep meaning to talk about their new album… maybe next week.

Twin Sister – Meet the Frownies

Twin sisters are hot!  lol.  What is it about porn where you put two sisters, twin sisters, getting it on, hotness — yay incest! — yet, a girl and twin brother?  Not so much, eh?  Strange.

Ew.  Yet, those jean shorts?  Awesome!  lol.

Anywhosals, this song, not too shabby, sounds like a lead off song to a pretty chill album!  Nothing incestuous about it all!

What? That’s it!!!  Alright then!!!  That was fun!  Okay, have a great weekend, ya’ll!  We’ll be back either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, maybe a few of our paper crane collective folks will keep you busy during my absence… Until then, go ride yer bikes, go take some photos, but just go have some fun!!!


2 comments for “A little vacation but a whole lotta tsuruloosies!!!

  1. Zay
    October 13, 2010 at 6:04 PM

    I havent been able to connect with you/r blog for a while now tsuru…
    i dunno why. maybe it’s the new format… or the low fi tunes out right now…
    but this post! you got me!
    i can totally get behind sharon van etten [though i think owen pallett told me about her via twiiter?], glasser, and twin sister. superb! thanks a ton. theyre on repeat right now

  2. October 13, 2010 at 6:08 PM

    It’s okay, totally understand! I go through phases with sites I like/liked too! I gots to be me and I hope you are finding lots of great music out there in bloggerinland, with or without TSURURADIO!

    We love you, have fun and don’t be a stranger! If not here, at least on Facebookers/twitters/sumfin! ;)

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