We rise again!!! And we are listening to The Wants by The Phantom Band!!!

Photography by Anastasia..

Wow. What an amazing weekend! And to think, on Friday I truly thought this whole weekend might’ve been on the verge of being a steaming pile of shit. As some of your who happened to click over here for a few hours on Friday afternoon may have noticed, we were shut down for a little while.

No… it was the RIAA or some nefarious organization out to destroy-all-humansbloggers, nope it was a couple of douche-nuggets with IP addresses traced back to China who were doing some kind of reloading & reloading of TSURURADIO, to the point where our host noticed the overloading of their servers and had to put the smack down until we got it straight.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of trying to fix it while even I was still blocked from accessing the index page and broke my wordpress! Uh-oh. Well, some phone calls, some backing-up of a few things, a bit of upgrading to the latest WordPress, and then some super-rush CSS work, we got TSURURADIO looking almost like it did earlier that day! So…. even though it might not look like it (I spent the better part of Sunday morning getting everything pretty straight, though I’m sure I forgot a plug-in or two) you are now viewing the new & improved TSURURADIO!


I took advantage of the situation to explore some other wordpress themes, especially the magazine themes. Oh my. Ew. Looks like a good looking magazine style theme will cost moneys and honestly, I don’t know if the “blog format” we got going here, albeit in thumbnailed/click-through form to give our paper crane collective more visibility, is obsolete yet. Yeah, we don’t look like pitchfork or whatever but, then again, pitchfork is kinda a mess.

But, I feel compelled to be honest with you, because if I’m not being honest, I really have nothing to say. Part of me wondered whether or not to just pull the plug. If there is one thing I learned by all the great artist out there, it’s to go out on top vs. wallowing around in mediocrity, eventually going into rehab, then having a really sad and wrinkled “reunion tour”…

PLAY *insert big hit here*!!!! Or I’m totally going to complain on the internets!!!

I mean, when you think about it, in blog-terms, I’m extraordinarily replacable. We are all. Remember when google wiped out all those blogs earlier this year? Some re-emerged with a wordpress, but many just went away. Some, of course, went away until their ego got the best of them, then they came back, whatever.

Not even the big boys are immune. If tomorrow, Pitchfork went belly-up, after a few weeks of WTF’s, some of the writers would pop up on twitter or this blog or that, while we hung around and found new snarky folks to laugh at/with.

But… here we are, about to post on about The Phantom Band again. Why? Because we love the album but so do an x% of other sites. So why are we here? For glory/fame/money? HA! Though I did get recognized once at a Decemberists concert. To fulfill the ego/ id / humanity’s rather narcissistic nature? Sure, to some degree. Knowing that thousands of people, daily, read my jibber-jabber gives my ego a hard-on, surely, but I don’t think that’s why I’m doing this.

Honestly, I have no idea why. I’m not a pure music blogger, just follow my tweets and you’ll see that music & entertainment is only about 1/3 of my online existence, I don’t really fit in with the normal blog-eat-blog world of musical bloggerin’, you know? But you know….. maybe that’s it. Maybe if I was competing with the big boys, I’d have quit this bitch ages ago. I’m not a good cog in the machine. Hell, I don’t even like to wear the same jersey as another cyclist!

So here I am, keepin’ on keepin’ on if only because I like what I’m doing here and how I do it, I love our team, I love the unique way they are approaching this silly thing called bloggerin’ too, each on their own time, with their own voice. I love our community, and maybe part of me just doesn’t want to let anyone down. So…..

Like a phoenix out of the ashes…


This crane will keep on flying!!!

And to celebrate, like I said before, we got some new Phantom Band to caress into our ear canals with their new album, The Wants!

Ah, the wax in my ears is vibrating to the beautiful melodies, the rich Scottish accent reminiscient of all your favourite Canadians, all the blips & bleeps these guys seem to get a kick out of adding to the songs, but never to the point of “really? lasers? what is this, fucking Star Wars?” Yep, indie-rock the way the good lard intended!!!

1. A Glamour
2. O
3. Everybody Knows It’s True
4. The None Of One
5. Mr Natural
6. Come Away In The Dark
7. Walls
8. Into the Corn
9. Goodnight Arrow

Ooo… And “The Howling” from their last album (which you can DOWNLOAD HERE)…

Some Phantom love: Myspacers | Twitters | Official | Label


1 comment for “We rise again!!! And we are listening to The Wants by The Phantom Band!!!

  1. Ste
    September 21, 2010 at 2:33 AM

    Well, you pretty said everything that needed saying above….so thanks for the honesty, hard work, and….importantly…welcome back!

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