Washing that Adz taste out with My Soul by Leela James!!!

Photography by KeCHi

After yesterday’s Sufjan debacle, I needed something a bit more orderly, a bit more smooooth, maybe with a hint of sexy, and a whole heaping of uh-huh! Scrolling through ye ol’ iPod — side note, nothing new, but iTunes for Windows.. sucks. Locked up again, wouldn’t let me force close, went to upgrade this morning to 10 (ping, ew), and it froze again. The only program that freezes on me. Good work apple — I found the perfect antedote for the blip-bleep-bloop wankery of indie’s favourite christian Sufjan. I found My Soul by Leela James.

I pushed play and immediately my brain tumbled into a glorious hybrid of old school & new school soul Ms. James is known for… Mmmm….. Yes, please, and thank you. I think what I liked about this is that it’s at once fresh and familiar. That’s probably the hardest balance in “neo soul” (god, that term makes me wince, almost as bad as “nü metal”, ew) carrying the fresh tricks of modern R&B/hip-hop/etc but creating a visual & aesthetic of vintage 70s and 80s Harlem. Leela & crew keep it tight and to the right, much like another fave of mine, Jill Scott, a strong voice, a strong presence from a strong woman…. is there anything sexier???

No… no there isn’t.

Will this change you? Make you a “neo” soul believer? Is this challenging, making you question your own foundations of music? No, probably not, but it’s a sweet ass album, really perfect purt-near anytime!  And after yesterday, that’s all I want! 3 1/2 wheelies!!!


1. I Ain’t New To This
2. So Cold
3. The Fact Is
4. I Want It All
5. Party All Night
6. Mr. Incredible – Ms. Unforgetable
7. Tell Me You Love Me
8. Let It Roll
9. Supa Luva
10. If It’s Wrong
11. It’s Over

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2 comments for “Washing that Adz taste out with My Soul by Leela James!!!

  1. September 28, 2010 at 11:00 AM

    “3 1/2 wheelies” What’s the deal with all the reviews man?! We are TSURURADIO, we’re not Bitchfork are we now! :D

  2. September 28, 2010 at 11:04 AM

    Ah! Just having fun!

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