VIDEOS: Kings Of Leon, Aeroplane, Drums, Deerhunter, and more!

Well, no regular post today. Too short a day, too busy a day and now I’m home and so relaxed, the idea of posting an album does not sound so hotness.

What DOES sound hotness is the book I’m reading on my kindle on my porch in my rocking chari AND the chicken tacos I got cookin’ on the stove! Uh huh!

Mmm…… Tacos & sci-fi!

Anywhosal, not to leave you wondering & waiting, thought I’d pipe in with some viddy vids! Love & cheers!


wtf? I dig it, but the riff sounds familiar, like that Billy Joel song, “keep it to yourself it’s my life”…. or something.

Love this song….


And a classic…

It’s true, you know…. you do have to give-a whatcha take.


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