VIDEO: Vultures by The Pass + A Music Blogger House Party Contest!!!

New video from The Pass that not only aims to get your ass movin’, but also to get yer reference-catchin’ brain a-thinking! Check it from We Listen For You:

A few weeks ago the up and coming Louisville electro pop band The Pass told me their idea to create a found footage or unofficial video for each of their songs to act as way for people to stream their new album BURST (out Sept 21st).  Instead of going on myspace and streaming the album, you would go to youtube and be able to watch eleven videos and hear the entire album (see the first track video stream HERE).

I immediately told them I wanted to take a crazy dream I had and put it into moving images.  The dream consisted of me showing up at a crazy party to find that all the people are life like takes on the names of music blogs.  As you know, there are a lot of clever names for music blogs and the goal of the video was to transform the name of music blogs into human/prop representations.  An example of this would be the music blog “I Guess I’m Floating”…you would see a guy floating and then shrug with indifference.

To make this even more fun, I’m holding a contest to see who can identify the most music blog/music site references.  We managed to reference over thirty sites.  To prevent people from listing every blog they know, if you guess a blog that isn’t featured in the video you get –1 points….one right you get +1.  The person with the most points win.  E-mail to answers to  Please don’t use the comment box to guess…they will not count.

The winner will receive a 50 dollar gift certificate to Insound and a cd copy of The Pass debut BURST.  If someone manages to get a perfect score, I might throw in something extra.  This was a lot of fun to make and I hope you have as much fun watching what has to be one of the craziest house parties ever.

WORD!  So get your pen & paper ready & get watchin’ then go get winnin’!!! Hell, you already got one with the screen shot at the top of this post.

Interesting to note, even friends & fellow bloggers can’t spell TSURURADIO right.

*le sigh*




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