TSURURADIO Presents… Recently Volume 3 (Divided By 4 Times 2 Squared)!!! For all you do, this mixtape’s for you!

Photography by me

Hello & happy Labour Day to all you states-side folks!  We may have Monday off from work but that don’t mean we can’t get the music a-pumpin’!!!  But first, do you see that cover above this paragraph?  Not only does it work as a bad ass cover for today’s mixtape, BUT…. It’s also a gentle reminder that you have until FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17TH to get your fan-sign photos in for a chance to win $30 cash moneys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay… it is Labour Day, it is our day off, so we are going to keep this short.  I will say, last night we had us a little BBBBBQQQQBBQ (the extra B’s are for boooooze and the extra Q’s are for Quality!) with some of our crafty peeps, local BFFs, and two bustown music bloggers – our friend Katie from Heavy Percussion & Jack In The Pocket & new Columbus transplant Jen from Tympanic Transplant, and it was all chill good times, full of drinks & grub & (as always) nipples!

Oh yeah… work it baby!

Not only was it a perfect time to hang out, meet up, and photograph nipples, it gave me the perfect opportunity to test out today’s epic — and I mean EPIC — mixtape!  You may remember a week or so ago when we shared Recently Vol 1 from 2006, well, the other morning Baby & I found & shaked our money-makers to a good portion of the finale to the woo-ing trilogy, Recently Vol 3, so much so, that I had, HAD, to share some of it with you.

Unfortunately, while some of the mixtape was booty-rumpadumpin’ good times, some was a bit too chill for booze & bbqin’, AND it was just too short.  So yesterday, I took volume 3, divided by 4, multiplied it times 2, then squared the shit out of it!

The results?  Let’s just say, the BBQ went long & I’m hurtin’ pretty good today!!!  So, here it is for you, for all your labours, enjoy as…


Recently Volume 3 (Divided By 4 Times 2 Squared)!!!

(Full Zip)

01 Nelly Furtado And Chris Martin – All Good Things*
02 Pussycat Dolls – Buttons*
03 Of Montreal – Our Riotous Defects
04 Plants and Animals – Bye Bye Bye
05 Arcade Fire – We Used To Wait
06 Broken Social Scene – Ungrateful Little Father
07 Black Mountain – The Hair Song
08 Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar
09 Eels – Spectacular Girl
10 Matt & Kim – Cameras
11 Crooked Fingers And Neko Case – Your Control
12 The Killers – All These Things I’ve Done*
13 REM – Belong*
14 George Michael – Freedom! ’90*
15 The Shivers – American Girls
16 Delta Spirit – 911
17 The Pass – Trap Of Mirrors
18 Starfucker – Julius
19 Sufjan Stevens – I Walked
20 Freelance Whales – We Could Be Friends
21 Blonde Redhead – Not Getting There
22 Galactic – Heart of Steel
23 Cee-Lo Green – Fuck You
24 Busdriver – Split Seconds (Between Nannies And Swamis)
25 Lee Fields And The Expressions – Ladies
26 The Anniversary – Sweet Marie*
27 Johnny Flynn – Kentucky Pill
28 Lily Allen – Smile*
29 Liam Frost And Martha Wainwright – Your Hand In Mine
30 Eagle Seagull – You’re the Reason Why I’m Afraid to Die
31 Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows*
32 The Thermals – Only For You
33 Tame Impala – Lucidity
34 The Morning Benders – All Day Daylight
35 Neko Case – The Pharoahs
36 Yes – And You And I*

*From the original Recently Vol. 3 from 2006…

Like what you hear?  Then go buy their album here, here, here or at your local record shop already!!!  Ah, and before we say adieu for the day, I just want to say something…  We just found out we were the #1 blog again on Elbows last week:

And we here at TSURURADIO, the whole paper crane collective, just want to say a big fat and delicious thank you… thank you very much!  I hope you are enjoying what you are reading and spreading the good times yourselves to you and your’s.  We really appreciate you comin’ around, takin’ yer shoes off, and sittin’ a spell.  Until next time!


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