tsuruloosies: new Belle and Sebastian?!

Apparently Texas is going to flood to death and we’ll all be soaking wet. Or maybe that’s just me. But either way, it means that having a downtown college campus with a parking garage is great. Until I realized that by going into the parking garage I was entering–that’s right–PARKING HELL. Fifteen minutes just to park and then I’m 15 minutes late to class. Well dayum, son.

Enough about me. New music Tuesday? Well I don’t think it all came out today, but it’s all hyped and happening. Well, maybe not happening, but it is hyped.

Florrie – Give Me Your Love

LIKE. Very much. Brit-chick pop. Why isn’t USA-pop like this?

Florida – Love Inside of You

His voice reminds me of The National. That is all. I like it.

Cloud Nothings – You’re Not Good At Anything

Hmmm. This is total cacophony. No thank you.

Sweet Bulbs – Kissin Clouds

Eh. Not bad. Not my style, though.

Bree Sharp – We’re Going to Be Friends (White Stripes cover)


Belle and Sebastian – Write About Love

NEW BELLE AND SEBASTIAN SINGLE YES YES YES THANK YOU THANK YOU. Kinda channeling The Cure at the beginning, though.

That is all for today.

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