The type of girl you wanna chew all of my Bubblegum by Clinic!

Photography by elearage

Okay, some math…

Super-garlicy dinner = one gassy morning!
Super-garlicy dinner + bike ride = TURBO BOOST KITT!!!

Anywhosals…. garlic farts aside, you are hear to here (scratch that, flip it) some music. Well, we got something pretty amazing in our ears, a new album from Clinic called Bubblegum!



How to describe this? Yeah, we can go the “reinvention” route or the psych-pop thing, but man, I’m not sure it gives it justice. This album (oh man, I’m already cringing with what I’m about to say) takes you on a journey — no, I can’t do that.


Okay, listen to “I’m Aware”. It’s a slow, drifting song, like the waves on some European beach on some 70’s foreign T&A art film. The bass is syrupy, the harmonies are lazy and beautiful, the acoustic guitars sweet and chiming, yet there’s a tension, like when they sang “and it’s goood.. and it’s gooood.. and it’s gooood..” like he’s holding back burning the entire movie theatre down!

What is that? Dreamy psych-pop? Yeah, see, really doesn’t quite work. There’s wirey syths, hazy day dreaming, quasi-noisy rock, but it’s the tug & pull, from vintage vibes to tender moments to “Radiostory” a spoken-word story on top of some soundtrack to a movie you’d have to stay up to 2am and sneak to watch on Showtime back in the 80s.

Is that a moog in “Forever (Demis’ Blues)”??? Oh my! Yeah, pretty amazing album and for that… 4 wheelies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m Aware

Lion Tamer
Milk & Honey
Forever (Demis’ Blues)
Another Way Of Giving
Un Astronauta En Cielo
Freemasons Waltz

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