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Cha..cha..chaaanges. Decided to change the name of my blog posts. This is a big deal y’all. No longer will arimyg be writing her tidbits under itty interwebs. Instead, she’s changing it up! It’s now Some Times with arimyg! yay!

Last Friday I had my first radio show on KSPC! It was super exciting! and also mostly terrifying! Some of you tuned in and kept up with me a little on twitter, and that was really nice. I’ll be on every Friday, 4-6PM PST. You can stream online at the link above, or if you’re in the LA/Pasadena/San Bernadino area, we’re 88.7 FM! Hiiyyah! (karate noise.) Anyway, the name of my show is Some Times, so I decided I should make my existence a little more cohesive and name this that too! It’s supposed to be two separate words, so don’t go critiquin’ ok? I figure it applied to these posts also cause like, i’m just posting a couple of times here and there for you. Kay? I hope that’s kay.

So I woke up this morning and was flooded by interesting internet bullshit. I had about 20 tabs open after going through my twitter. 3 of which were these super cool videos, all in black and white. Sort of a coincidence, no? Or maybe a message from the internet god? I’ve been getting into visuals (photog, video, editing, cinematog, etc) lately, and these were all pretty stunning!

So first, a video from Florence and the Machine! Sadly, Flo didn’t get to take home any VMAs last night. I sort of considered her to be the indie/underground music scene’s VMA representative. Her performance at the show last night was awesome, but it wasnt enough. She went down to 30 Seconds to Mars (really?) and Lady Gaga. Sad stuff. Anyway, I just came across this video from the summer for “Heavy In Your Arms” and it’s totally beautiful, as expected I guess. It’s gritty, it’s simple, it’s avant garde, it’s edgy as fuck, etc!

On that note, there is also this super random short film featuring Lykke Li floating around the interwebs. It’s really rather awesome. I think a lot of my appreciation for this had to do with the video production class I’m taking this semester, which has got me all crazy for badass filmmaking. It’s called Solarium by Moses Berkson and it’s rather… out there… But it’s got mirrors and dark eye makeup and sand! All in black and white! What’s not to love?!

AND NOW FOR MY FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE BLACK AND WHITE TIME?! Pitchfork TV just did a Cemetery Gates session with Of Montreal featuring 2 song off their new album False Priest and the Hissing Fauna classic “Heimdalsgate like a Promethean Curse.” Now, you may or may not know that Of Montreal is probably my all time favorite band. Sometimes I stray, for example after a year or two without a new album. But I always come crawling back to them, to him, my God, Kevin Barnes. Also, may I add, I fucking love Solange Knowles and she’s straight badass in every video I’ve seen for “Sex Karma.” You should really watch this series. IT’S THE BEST.
Cemetery Gates: Of Montreal

Now for a few irrelevent bits and pieces to close off this nonchromatic post?

If you ever liked Pokemon, this is funny. If you didn’t, it will probably mean nothing.
Pokemon Fusion

I hate to reference Pitchfork for their excellence twice in one post, but this article on the prevalence of “found-art” style album covers and photographs is pretty interesting and relevant.
This Is Not A Photograph

The Flaming Lips do a relatively hilarious rendition of I Can Be A Frog in the most recent Black Cab Session.
Black Cab Sessions – The Flaming Lips

And how about an nice & tidy little MP3 for the road?
Grandchildren – Saturn Returns

Gonna go take a nap now before Visual Anthropology cause let’s be real, I deserve it.


2 comments for “Some Times: things are just black and white

  1. September 13, 2010 at 8:58 PM

    How come ya changed to Some Times? Just curious!

  2. arimyg
    September 13, 2010 at 9:12 PM

    wanted consistency! and thought itty interwebs was a little to cutesy.

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