Trippin’ balls with Phosphene Dream by The Black Angels!

Photography by oursilhouettes

It’s Friday, the rain is pending, but this weekend, a holiday weekend, a 3 day weekend, is going to be gorgeous and epic and awesome and yes! We had a big day yesterday of tsuruloosies & a brand spanking new contest — win moneys!!!! — and though I’ve been aching to share today’s little humdinger of an album with you, I’m almost as, if not more, excited to share another Recently mixtape from way back in 2006 (or some updated variation on it)!

But… not sure what I can pull off today, may all have to go down on Monday or something. Lots going on with BBQs, bike rides, boobies, and photoshoots alllll starting tonight!!!

So. For now and for now, we’ll focus on one trippy ass album that’s been coating my ear canals for the past couple days. I’m talking about an album called Phosphene Dream by The Black Angels!!!


Somewhere on the intertubals someone said these guys sound like The Velvet Underground fronted by Neil Young. ¬†Though, yeah, I get a bit of that lo-fi VU vibe here and there, for me, this is total Jefferson Starship/Airplane, Grace Slick and all, i.e. this is some psychedelic awesomeness and it absolutely rocks my trippin’ balls off!

So, tell you what… let’s end that right here because that’s all you need to know!


1. Bad Vibrations

2. Haunting At 1300 McKinley
3. Yellow Elevator #2
4. Sunday Afternoon
5. River of Blood
6. Entrance Song
7. Phosphene Dream
8. True Believers
9. Telephone
10. The Sniper

Some Black Angel love:  Myspace | Official | Label



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