Peanut’s Playground: Where Peanut Gets To Play Robinson Crusoë With 5,000 Other People

Photography by exoticpeach

“Peanut where have you been these past days?” How nice of you to ask! As a matter of fact I visited a music festival on a tiny as fuq island of the Dutch shores. The festival is called Into The Great Wide Open and there’s a photo impression pulled straight off twitter right here and another one over here.

The atmosphere was great, the company was nice, the weather was fantastic and the music was even better!


I saw a shitload of great artists and I would like to talk about them a bit now. Thank you in advance for your time and attention :))


Our day started off with Wolf Parade. How much better could a festival start. I’ve been wanting to see these guys live for quite some years now, but somehow kept missing out on them. Wolf Parade did more than a little okay, on what must’ve been a weird occasion for them. Daylight and scores of children on the festival grounds… WP are still like two bands rolled into one. But as long as both bands are as good as this, there are no objections on my part. Want to know what it was like? Then check out the full 58 minutes of Wolf Parade yumminess over at 3voor12 TV!

Next up was the one man band from Sweden The Tallest Man On Earth. I’m not really into this singer-songwriter accoustic folky stuff. But judging by the reviews online it supposedly was quite a good performance. Check it out in full right here and judge for yourself. Or don’t. Whatever.

Closing act on Friday were Caribou. And Caribou I like. I like a lot actually. Their recent album Swim is quite excellent and they didn’t disappoint live either. Want to know how good this set was? Then check it out over —> there!


Well Saturday was just crazy! After the relatively easy start on Friday, things were really getting up to speed with no less than 25 acts doing their stuff on stages all over the island. We did a bit of cherry picking…

After sleeping in Saturday started off with an energetic performance by Pete and the Pirates. Who? Pete and the Pirates!!! Think We Are Scientists, Franz Ferdinand, the Rifles,  that sort of music. Didn’t know them before the concert but since I’ve checked out their 2008 album Little Death, and it’s really kinda very good. A few samples of their goodiness:

Pete and the Pirates – Come On Feet

Pete and the Pirates – She Doesn’t Belong To Me

Up next were the young Belgians of Balthazar who did an pretty decent set of songs. Sad thing about is that I couldn’t care less about them. Too unoriginal for my taste (Arctic Monkeys, dEUS etc.). Check out their concert here if you want to anyway.

Scram C Baby are a guitar rock band from The Netherlands, and a quite good one too I might add. We don’t have that many good bands over here, but this is definitely one of them. They played on a small stage in the middle of the forest, which was a nice change of scenery from the dark shitholes where they usually perform. An accoustic performance  on the beach can be found over here.

I’m guessing most of you people won’t care much for Dutch rapping over jazz/funk sounds. Normally I wouldn’t either, but the performance Typhoon and New Cool Collective gave was fan-tas-tic nonetheless! Sunshine and massive amounts of entertainment; an excellent combination. Even though you won’t care, here’s the link to the entire performance anyway.

Next another Dutch act, and another good one! Moss are the Low Lands’ answer to Midlake, and they played a decent set. Nothing more, nothing less. Check it out over here.

We saw Belgian fossil Arno perform late at night and he SUCKED BALLS! Terrible, just terrible! It sounded like Tom Waits being raped by a mule. No linkage here.

And talking about sucking balls; Gonjasufi sucked them harder than anyone I have ever seen! It took him no more than 10 minutes to clear out the entire room. Gone. Everyone. Out the door. First class rubbish. Disappointing since I really like his album.

Luckily the weekend’s headliner was The Whitest Boy Alive, the Norwegian/German disco-rock nerds who I happen to really dig a lot! Their performance started off a bit shaky  and Erlend’s talking took a bit of the pace out in the beginning, but once the flow got into them and the audience they were unstoppable. They even did a cover of Show Me Love by Robin S. which made the crowd go apeshit. Good stuff indeed! Some songs below to remind you again how good they are.

The Whitest Boy Alive – Time Bomb

The Whitest Boy Alive – High On The Heels


Sunday was all about sobering up and cleaning our little tent house. Nothing to report here. Oh wait, there is. We missed Modest Mouse because we had to catch our boat. And supposedly they were fuqqin amazing! Well, can’t have it all right. Check out their set here if you want.

See you next year Vlieland!



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2 comments for “Peanut’s Playground: Where Peanut Gets To Play Robinson Crusoë With 5,000 Other People

  1. Amelia
    September 8, 2010 at 5:53 PM

    Ooh Wolf Parade.

    Every time I talk to my friend Evan he raves incessantly about Caribou. Guess I should finally really give a listen.

  2. September 9, 2010 at 2:53 PM

    They are very good. Not easy, but good. If you like them you can also try Four Tet. Bit of the same except for the vocals.

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