Peanut’s Playground: Forgotten Classics – 4. Urge Overkill – Exit The Dragon

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Have you noticed? There isn’t much new music that I can be bothered with at the moment. I listen to a lot of new stuff, and there is enough new stuff being released, but somehow nothing really grabs me. Not sure why that is.

The flipside of my current disinterest in modern music is that I am spamming the blogosphere with old shit, in this case installment number 4 in my Forgotten Classics series:

Urge Overkill – Exit The Dragon (1995)

Apparently Urge Overkill are reuniting to record their first new album in over 15 years. And that’s good news folks. For those of you who think they don’t know Urge Overkill, chances are, you probably do already. Just check out this here video first before reading on.

UO’s 1995 album Exit The Dragon is easily their best one and also their last to date.  It’s not that their other albums aren’t good, because they are. But Dragon’s overall laidback feel while the subject matters are overly dark make for a classic album. And there aren’t many of those around are there?!

I can remember that this album was criminally overlooked back in 1995. Now UO wasn’t much (if any) of a name over here in Europe, but even after the whole Pulp Fiction thing there wasn’t a single review to be found over here, let alone a positive one. At the time we didn’t have a world wide web worth crap, so no or anything to help out. I checked out the AMG-review some years later and it got 3 stars or something, nothing special. I checked it out again today and it actually has 4,5 stars now. Just goes to show that it’s not just booze that improves with age…



1. Jaywalkin’

2. The Break

3. Need Some Air

4. Somebody Else’s Body

5. Honesty Files

6. This Is No Place

7. The Mistake

8. Take Me

9. View Of The Rain

10. Last Night / Tomorrow

11. Tin Foil

12. Monopoly

13. And You’ll Say

14. Digital Black Epilogue

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1 comment for “Peanut’s Playground: Forgotten Classics – 4. Urge Overkill – Exit The Dragon

  1. kell
    May 11, 2011 at 12:38 AM

    The new album is stellar. I’ve listened to it about twenty times. “Little Vice” and “Thought Balloon” are my favorites. Oh, and “Quiet Person”. You should put up a full review of the album! Long live UO! :)

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