itty interwebs: oh, it’s monday. :|

I just slept through class and I want to punch myself in the face. FUCK YOU iPOD ALARM CLOCK. RRAAAHHHHHRRRR.
So I figured I should maybe do something sort of productive with my morning. Although I have a meeting in 20 minute so lets see how quick I can do this shit!

Everyone loves Deerhunter! Last year I gave my brother Microcastle and told him it was his growing up present, because he had liked The Dear Hunter for too long and it was time to finally shed that emo pop punk era of his and move onto bigger and better things, such as anything Bradford Cox touches. WHICH INCLUDES THIS! Just click the image of the newspaper and you get to watch a sweet semi-repetitive video for the new song Helicopter, which is SWEET.
Deerhunter Helicopter Video

Want another rad recent video drop? Off one of my favorite albums this summer (although admittedly not my favorite song), Big Boi released the video this week for “You Ain’t No DJ” (from Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty). It features Yelawolf, who is, like, apparently out of his goddamn mind. Watch it!

This weekend I went to FYFFest and had a photopass AND VIP wristband. It was pretty much the highlight of my life. I’ve posted some of my favorites on my flickr, so you should check those out to get the REAL FEEL for what it’s like to be arimyg at an amazing festival in L.A.

Now I’m going to leave you with one of my favorite songs of the moment. I think I MAY HAVE posted the music video for this a few months ago, it seems familiar, but whatever. I’m reposting the song because I just came across Love Remains by How to Dress Well and rediscovered this song. It’s fucking great. And now you love it too!
decisions feat. yüksel arslan – How To Dress Well

Okay that’s it! Now go check out the post tsuru made below this because it’s a sweet mixtape, and it’s for you!


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