I got my mop ready, it’s Burst by The Pass!!!

Photography by klairy

Well oh well oh well, this is a long time coming, it seems, but here we are, Septemberonis two-thousand and tens and we finally have the long hyped, long bloggerined, long We Listen For You obsessed album by The Pass called Burst.

I kinda feel like they’ve been part of our collective blog consciousness for the entire span of this blogs life, between the EP singles, the videos, more videos, and I think another video, more singles, and now the album, proving my theory once and once again…. I would not want to be in a band. It’s exhausting just being on the receiving in of hype-maintenance — coincidentally, the name of my new mp3 blog aggregator “Hype Maintenance: So many blogs, someone’s got push the jizz mop.

*NOTE: To all you internet kids out there, a jizz mop was the mop at this ancient and extinct place called “an adult theater” that the janitor used to use to, uh, clean up after the sceezy patrons. Eventually, they were replaced by a piece of Kleenex and an internet connection… WHICH, for all you environmentally aware “green” peeps who are watching Jesus’s footprints in the carbon sand, saves on gasoline!

*NOTE ON THE NOTE: Really, does anybody really rent “adult movies” from the back room anymore?

Anywhozaldoozals, today we aren’t hear to talk about jizz mops, believe it or not, nope we are here to discuss Burst by The Pass — but now that we have talk about jizz mops, the word “burst” takes on a whole new meaning, eh?

So………… How is the album? I’ve got three words for you: Eff You In!

For those not able to follow along, FUN!!!! Like, super fun! Like really super fun — there, three words again, jeez!! Electro-pop shake your booty good times. I know what you are thinking, “electropop” & “dance”, really T? Does it have the legs to stand the test of time? Who cares! Just turn it on, turn it up, shake your ass, maybe grind up a smidgen to the unfortunate soul standing nearest you.

Just don’t forget the jizz mop.


01. Treatment of the Sun

02. Vultures — video via We Listen For You included 38 music blog references!!!

03. Large Hadron Collider
04. Out of Hand
05. Criminal
06. Rochelle
07. Walk Away
08. How to Live
09. Vinyl
10. Trap of Mirrors
11. Fate

Some Pass love! Myspace | Bandcamp | Label


2 comments for “I got my mop ready, it’s Burst by The Pass!!!

  1. September 16, 2010 at 7:15 PM

    Potential “Best of 2010” candidate??

    I dunno yet!! All I can say is don’t go into stall number 10…. “someone” left an awful mess in there…! :)

  2. September 16, 2010 at 7:57 PM

    HAHAHA!!!! Love you Neil!

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