Chillin’ through Thursday with Tuning Echoes by Mock & Toof

Photography by bluecitrusart

Thursdays seem to be the toughest days. Busy at work, of course, but also that feeling of almost Friday but it ain’t just lingering in your mouth, the feeling of a long week on your back, the “oh man, I’m BEAT” in between every sentence you utter.

It’s tricky. and tiring.

On the plus side, I got some new cycling bibs and man, it’s amazing what a nice pair of bibs can do! Low friction crotch = a happy crotch! That’s all their is to it.

Speaking of low friction and happy crotches, I’m jammin’ on some pretty chill vibes by Mock & Toof and their debut Tuning Echoes!

Apparently, these guys are “remix guys” but I’m not going to hold that against them. I don’t think this album is a colleciton of remixes anyways, I believe these are original tunes. Now, I know remixes aren’t my thing but man, there’s something about the sweet beats these guys are wiggy-wiggy-wiggy dishin’ out that, for whatever reason, I’m feelin!

Now, don’t get me wrong, a few of the songs run a little long — see “Day Ken Died”, a sweet litty ditty that carries on for about 8 minutes. Unlike prog masterpieces, light lounge rhythms rarely should make it pass a few minutes unless I’ve got a few drinks in my hand and my woman by my side!


01. Farewell to Wendo
02. Move Along
03. Day Ken Died
04. From Kashima
05. Shoeshine Boogie
06. The Key
07. Underwater
08. Mr Frown
09. Norman’s Eyes
10. Suppress Your Feelings
11. Lovehearts
12. P2160
13. Take Me Home

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