tsuruloosies? yeah, i’m back from outer space.

One fine day I came home from work to find that my mother had turned off our interwebs. Brief interludes at the local library just were not enough to sustain my Facebook Generation self. So here I am at my pseudo-sister’s house crashing on her couch and stealing her neighbor’s internet. Yeah, she doesn’t have her own, either. At least it’s cooler than sitting in my car at the end of my country driveway stealing MY neighbor’s internet. Oops.

The blogosphere likes the Ting Tings. I like the Ting Tings. So does the cool hippie mom I babysit for. Score for her. New single out!

The Ting Tings – Hands

New/old album out from Fort Worth, TX (aka HOMETOWN) band the Toadies. According to legend, Universal-owned Interscope screwed them over and now they just got to put out this album originally recorded 13 years ago. I was a wee lass, but ah, the good times I have had hearing the Toadies on local radio. Twin (aka BFF) first made me listen to them, but since then they do pop up on their own. Check out this track (and yes, it is Dallas that is known as the City of Hate, and no, Dallas and Fort Worth are not the same thing. They’re a good 45 minutes away. Tidbit: DFW is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. And yes, the traffic sucks.) Okay, now that I’ve officially given the White House tour of the Metroplex, here is the TOADIES.

Toadies – City of Hate

Speaking of Twin, while she was recently on her honeymoon, I installed drawer pulls on all of her kitchen cabinets and stole this cool looking album by an Australian band called Summer Cats. The album is entitled Songs For Tuesdays, which was enough to draw my attention on its own. I love Tuesdays. I love the WORD Tuesday. Anyway. Without further ado, here is “Wild Rice.”

Summer Cats – Wild Rice

When I go to Austin, I try to stop in a Half Price Books and check out the clearance CD section. Local bands tend to take their EPs and albums to sell just to get them out there, and I get to pick them up for a buck if they look cool enough. That’s how I wound up with the next two awesome songs, both taken from my 2010 Summer Songs mix [that I still haven’t finished].

Early Beat – Lost Lover

The Royal Chains – Lucy Takes the Dare

And for the road, here’s a song from one of my recent swing dance DJ sets…”That’s What I Hate About Love” by the Spirits of Rhythm. That’s heaven, right there.

Spirits of Rhythm – That’s What I Hate About Love

Amelia, over and out.

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