tsuruloosie: I Walked by Sufjan Stevens

So.. learning from his musical brethren amongst the internettals, Mr. Jesus Stevens is following up a surprise & very buzzable EP with a an album to make sure them twitters keep on tweetin’ about him! It sounds like it may be absolutely prog-tastic!

Well, the first song as “dropped” as well, making three Sufjan-bombs to hit the tubals within the past week or so. Kudos, my man… kudos. So, how’s the first track? Let’s tsuruloosie this bitch out of 5 wheelies and see!

Sufjan Stevens – I Walked


Hot fucking sauce!!! Anyone who’s anyone knows, I’m not Sufjan lover of old, though I really liked that new EP. But holy shitake mushrooms growing out of Jesus’ ass this is gorgeous! Not prog at all, just Mmm….. Slow ee-lec-tronical yummy yum yum.

Nice way to end the week!


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