Trippin’ out the week with Innerspeaker by Tame Impala!!

Photography by Juanita Lenteja

ALLLLRIGHT!!!!  As they say in corporate offices around amorica, Thank Gawd It’s Friday!  WOOT!  It’s been another fast and furious week filled with amazing music and good times, but alas and aloo it’s time to get our weekend on again!

Hip hip hooray!  For the piglet and the pooh!

What you got planned? Me… Oh, same ol’ same ol’… bike rides, photographs, and hangin’ wif my Baby! You know… the good life. But that’s all not until later and we are on the now and we need a good now to take us out! What better way to do that than with some psychedelic trippy-dippy awesomeness that is Innerspeaker by Tame Impala (no relation to the car… I think).

I’ve got to quote the label write-up stuff for this guy… Check this:

The Tame Impala sound is one equally informed by The Beatles as it is beat poetry, by Turkish prog as it is by Turkish delight, and by English folk as much as homeless folk, and it’s a breathe of fresh air that reeks of all of these at times and none at others

I mean.. really… how can you NOT listen, amirite? Ohiam! It’s pretty dead on too! The Beatles thing comes from the, not just the strawberry fields forever wheee I’m tripping balls sound, but also the vocals themselves sounds a bit like that era of Beatles. Hard to separate the two on some songs actually.

As for Turkish prog & Turkish delight, you are on your own there. I’m not sure what makes Turkish prog, Turkish and Turkish delight sounds like the ending of a wonderful massage. Maybe something involving the less used orifices. Not sure about English folk, but homeless folk as in “dude, these guys are fucked up!” then sure!

But really, all you need to know… it’s trippy drug-hazed rock and even though that genre has been used and abused more than a $5 crack hooker behind Mons Venus off Dale Mabry down in Tampa, somehow these guys made it fresh and fun again….

I’m in!

Have a great weekend all! Go ride yer bikes! Go take pictures of your boobs — then send them to me, I’m working on a thing, you can see my first two entries HERE and HERE! But most importantly… HAVE FUN!!!

01 It’s Not Meant to Be
02 Desire Be Desire Go
03 Alter Ego
04 Lucidity
05 Make Up Your Mind
06 Solitude Is Bliss
07 Jeremy’s Storm
08 Expectations
09 Bold Arrow of Time BOLD ARROW OF TIME
10 Runway Houses City Clouds
11 I Don’t Really Mind
12 Bonus Track

Some Tame love: Myspace | Official | Label


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