The TSURURADIO Community Presents… winter1610’s Santa Cruz – Oh So 1970 Mixtape!!!

Photography by AgentTicTac..

Now, I can’t say I want to be at the beach right now, or really anytime, I don’t really care for it.  I’m from Florida, I was dragged out many a times by my momma, burnt beyond belief — just had another mole removed, looks like I have a 3rd nipple now.  I named him Norman —  and generally sat around in sand & salty air sweating, roasting, and counting down the hours til we could go home.

BUT…..  for many people (let’s call them “Northerners”) the beach is a magical place of skim boarding, bikinis, and volleyball.  La la la!  Back before the interneting super highways, the beach, for many people, was even a form of genuine entertainment!  It wasn’t just a reason to see some T&A!  Crazy, right?  That time was called the 70s and man it was a different world back then… Hell, a white woman in vacation corn-rolls was somehow considered hot!

NOTE:  To any white women, or really any Not Black women out there… No. No corn rolls.  I’m sorry.  No.  Black women rock them and can look so fucking amazing… anything that can be remotely described as “pale” can not.  Again, I’m sorry.  No.

Anywhosals…  where was we?  Oh yeah!  So.. One of our newer members of our beloved society, winter1610 put together a humdinger of a mixtape celebrating this blessedly ignorant era!  Well, tell you what, how about I shut up and let him tell it?

I wanted to put together a mix based around the early 1970s music scene of Los Angeles and the West Coast. Seemed so glamorous to someone growing up in England but this mix reflects more the dark nature of those times. So this is my musical essay on West Coast/LA music of the early 70s – to be played as one long track (band and song are highlighted below):

It starts with the sound of surf before morphing into the Beach Boys California Girls which then gets flanged and distorted like they did in the 70s. Surf then takes us to that arch party animal Don Henley and the Boys of Summer, his hymn to those times.

Quick break for an LA staion ident from 1970 and then the blast of the Rockford Files (this was LA to us in England!), but then we hear the police radio before Bob Seger and Hollywood Nights. And why go to Hollywood? As the Byrds say on the next track So You Wanna Be a Rock’n’Roll Star.

Supertramp seem so 70s LA to me (even though they’re British) so after the Byrds we have Dreamer. There’s then a snippet of Stevie Nicks talking about her time with Don Henley, before his band The Eagles Take It Easy. At the end I’ve put in a few loops of it before Don Henley talks about Hotel California. And who could follow him but those other icons of the 70s, Fleetwood Mac with Don’t Stop which merges into Peter Frampton and Show me the Way.

Going back to gentler times there follows an excerpt from a 1930s movie travelogues on LA underneath of which are the gentle sounds of Steve Reich. Going back to the 70s next is Joe Walsh with Life’s Been Good before the Beach Boys sign off the mix with the elegiac Sail on Sailor

Hot damn, right? Sounds nuts!  How about we go ahead and get to it, eh?  Eh indeed, as…

The TSURURADIO Community Presents…

winter1610’s Santa Cruz – Oh So 1970 Mixtape!!!

(Just push play or right click & download the big mp3)

Love what you here?  Go show winter all your love at his bloggy blog now!  Thank you so much winter1610! Now let’s get this weekend on!!! Have a wonderful one, go ride yer bikes, go take some pictures, and listen to some great music! We’ll see you all before long…


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