We are the paper crane collective! Let’s celebrate with more tsuruloosies!!!

Friday friday (la laaaa la la la la)!  Can’t touch that day………….  Allo and hello and welcome to the end of another glar-ee-ous week here at TSURURADIO!  Got any awesome-o plans?  Yeah?  Me too!  Bike rides and photoshoots baby!  WOOT!  BUT, until that can happen, this needs to happen, and by this I mean Friday and by Friday I mean this post and by this post I mean a SHIT-TON O’ TSURULOOSIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why?   Because I’m happy!  I don’t know if you’ve looked over to your right recently, or better yet, went to this page, but you see, what once was joyfully called the TSURUNATION has grown!  Now, some have used the word “army” and yeah, even though we are taking over the world, one music post at a time, it’s too aggressive — too too aggressive –we are too happy of a bunch, too silly, too odd to be an army.  No… we are a collective, a collective of music freaks and geeks, a collective of bloggerin’ fools, a paper crane collective

Personally, I couldn’t feel more excited/happy/proud/etc of whats going on at this funny little blog.

So, with that, I know Amelia found some internettal super highways at 3-something AM last night to bring you some tsuruloosies, and that DanaMonstah snuck a few snacks to you late yesterday as well, but I’ve got a couple more hot & hyped doohickeys to explore with you too!  BUT, we’z gots a lots of ’em to get through so hows abouts we gets to’s it?  WOOOOOOOORD.

As always, for me, I like to rate the tsuruloosies out of a possible 5 wheelies!  No… Not these wheelies:

And nooooooooooo… not this kind either:

These wheelies!

Awesome and yeah, bruise-free fun!  Let’s do it!

Chromeo – Don’t Turn The Lights On (Aeroplane Remix)

Oh dear jeebus no. Off to a bad start!  OHNOES!! Zzzzz….

Eternal Summers – Pogo

Let’s go surfin! Wheee!!!! Love it!!!

Glasser – Home

Hmmm…..  love them vocals! Little hand claps, little soundy sounds.  Cute!

Gramercy Riffs – Oh Linda

Canucks, eh? I got hand standards for my canucks.  At first I was like, eh? Then I was like… Eh!  And finally, I was like Eeeeeeh…….

Japandroids- Youngerus

Ugh.  I just don’t get these guys.  NEXT!

Matthew Dear – Little People

Grooooovy dance!   Yeah, I think I’ve heard this before and before, but I’m diggin’ it! I can shake my arse to this goodness, if the time & inclinations were right!

Musica Ficta – The Cell

Short, sweet, and deep.

No Age – Glitter

“I want to gouge my eyes & ears out” said Baby…. I have to agree!

Pairs – Oh Ghost

Oh no… no no.

Palmbomen – Myself

Huh. Uh… Hmmm…. Huh.

Small Black – Photojournalist

WOOO!  I feel like I’m drunk at a playground!  WOOOOOOO!!!!

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Banned (By The Man)

Never really listened to these guys.  Hmm…. Diggin’ it!  Has this leaked yet?  I might need this one!

The Bicycle Days – Circles

Bicycles.  Can’t go wrong right?  Ooo.. tricky proggy beat!  Quirky!  I like it!  Complicated.  Yummy.

The Drums – Down By The Water

Didn’t we already feature these guys? What took you so long, internettals?

The Vaselines – Sex With An X

Twee song about sex?  Oh fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!  Let’s do it, let’s do it again!!!

Wise Blood – STRT SRNS

Ooo… what’s this?  As much as I’m quite sick of the vowel-free writing trend, this is pretty noisy awesome!!!!  Hot day-yum!

That’s it!!! Wasn’t that a hoot? WOOT! Okay, go ride yer bikes! Go take pictures! Send them to me! Love you guys!  Until laters…


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