Rainy day yumminess with Beneath this Burning Shoreline by Cherry Ghost!

Photography by cPaos

Oh man, it’s a rainy morning, and looking to be a rainy day all together. Perfect! This album, though we started loving all over it on Sunday is even better on a rainy Tuesday. It’s just one of those albums, you know? Oh… yeah, I’m talking about Beneath This Burning Shoreline by Cherry Ghost!

There’s something kinda mellow about this album, even when it’s at its most dramatic. I’m not sure if it’s just the vocal delivery or what, but it’s almost like how Coldplay, even when they are emoting their asses off are still hitting mid-tempo. That’s not a slight, it just makes this album more lovely than powerful, even though I feel like there’s some power underneath the hood.

Does that make any sense? Probably not, but I’m willing to bet dollars over dime stores you are following me…

So, while the thick grey clouds continue to set our mood, set the pace, load this bad boy up and enjoy it!

1. We Sleep On Stones
2. A Month Of Mornings
3. Conquered (Part 1)
4. Kiss ing Strangers

5. Only A Mother
6. The Night They Bur ied Sadie Clay
7. My God Betrays
8. Barber ini Square
9. Conquered (Part 2)
10. Black Fang
11. Lud dite
12. Dia mond In The Grind
13. Strays

Some Cherry Ghost love! Myspace | Official (you can stream 4 tracks!) | BUY!


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