Peanut’s Playground: And Now For Something Completely Different And Introducing The Boxer by Kele

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Just like my previous article on Big Boi‘s new one, this album by Kele might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

This is because Kele is the singer/guitarist for indie-rockers-on-hiatus Bloc Party, and they are a fuqqin amazing group! I might love them a bit more than the rest of the world does, placing their 2008 album Intimacy at the top of my year end list, but they are very good. Trust me on this one.

Unfamiliar with Bloc Party? Check this out:

Bloc Party – Like Eating Glass (2005)

Anyway, getting back on track with today’s offering:

The Boxer by Kele

I take it you’ve listened to the Bloc Party song or already knew them. Well Kele’s album The Boxer…it’s NOTHING like Bloc Party has ever made!

Guitars? Not present. Angry punching beats? Nope. Breathtaking speeds? Nada. Hell, it ain’t even rock!

No, Kele has chosen the path of twisted electronics on his solo debut. And with good effect I might add. It isn’t the best electronic music I’ve ever heard, but he’s done well enough. Besides the trippy beats and exotic instrumentation, Kele’s finest feature is still his voice. Powerful and distinctive. Combined with his songwriting talent makes that The Boxer is one of this year’s better albums so far.

It’s also an album that benifits from repeated listens, as all great pieces of work need. I suggest you try it. And then try it again a couple of times. Then decide. Love to hear what you think.


1. Walk Tall

2. On The Lam

3. Tenderoni

4. The Other Side

5. Everything You Wanted

6. New Rules

7. Unholy Thoughts

8. Rise

9. All The Things I Could Never Say

10. Yesterday’s Gone

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