Keeping it going with John Frum Alaska by Mexican Elvis!!!

Photography by embnar

Allo & aloo! And how are you? I’m good, thank you for asking. It’s Tuesday, so there’s that. Started it off with a pretty sweet 30 miler bike ride today. Now I know the safety folks won’t like this but, when I’m alone I tend to (but not always) ride with headphones on. We won’t go into the debate of whether or not it’s safe, but know this… I ALWAYS assume there’s a car behind & I ALWAYS assume I’m invisible to the rest of the world. Between that in always knowing my surroundings, I feel confident that “hearing” a car behind me doesn’t make me safer.

Anywhosals, my point was/is that today, due to apparently all my headphones getting rather crappy, I put on the new Apple Earbuds that came with my replacement iPod classic (120gb! WOOT!). My friends, I forgot just how much those headphones suck. Suck balls. Suck monkey balls after a feces throwing fight with a 800lb gorilla!!! Dem’s big turds.

Windy, tinny, and generally blah. If you are listening to music on these things anywhere beyond your desk where you need to hear your boss bellow at you at a moment’s notice and you have a few bucks to spare, upgrade yer headphones. You will not regret it. AND, on the plus side, you won’t look like every. body. else. with. the. same. damn. headphones. hanging. out. their. head.

It’s critical! One listen to today’s gem, John Frum Alaska by Mexican Elvis on the earbuds & my normal noise-cancelin’ Shure bad boys and oh my. One might have thought the state of today’s music is in a sad state of affairs!


This is nice. Basically folkish, but not always, pop. A bit somber at times, but still fresh & engaging. Add in the nasally, slightly whiny “indie” vocal, and yeah, I’m in! Kinda matches the cloudy weather yesterday that seems to be back this afternoon — Oooo… maybe a rainy ride home? Been a while.

Trying to think of who’s voice this guy reminds me of… is it The Mountain Goats guy? Ugh. Going to drive me nuts. Oh well, c’est la vie, and what not!

But yeah, this is that slightly melancholy / Sunday at peace kinda music. Quite lovely…


01 he spent 3 years trying to enter the eurovision song contest
02 the washington dc
03 drop hawaii
04 friends

05 gore tex jacket
06 atonement cover
07 street lights
08 amongst us there‘s a cannibal
09 something overheard at the bavaria filmstadt
10 at 6.30 you come to me
11 say you‘re wrong

Some Mexican Elvis love: Myspace | Label


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