I’ve just got to be me… and Lisbon by The Walkmen!

Photography by Natasha Solari

A wise man once said, “It ain’t easy being cheesy!” and you know, I have to agree. I’m on the twitters and the facebooks and the internets and the IRLs and I gotta tell ya, it ain’t easy. My problem is fitting in… It’s not my specialty. Sometimes it’s more painfully obvious than others. Lately, I’m feeling it something wicked.

I think the problem is, I’m not 100% of anything. I’m not just a music blogger, just a photographer, just a cyclist, etc. And because I’m all of those things, I often feel like I’m none of those things because I’m not just one of those things.

It ain’t easy… but it can be funny at times. Take my twitters, the more I tumblr/tweet photography stuff, the more cycling & music-oriented followers I lose, the more cycling stuff I tweet, the more photography & music types I lose, the more music stuff I tweet, oddly, I seem to only lose cycling people.

It’s funny.

Oh well, can only be me, right? Speaking of “being true to yourself”, somehow I get that exact same feeling while listening to Lisbon by The Walkmen (nice seque, eh? yeah, not really… I agree).


Everytime I listen to the Walkmen, I always get the feeling that they are at once, playing along in this modern music game and what not, but at the same time, walking along their own plane, outside of some easily classified type or genre identifier. Lisbon is no different. It’s slower, methodical, and almost timeless, in its delivery, certainly not part of this disposable culture we live in, but maybe that is what defines today’s music? The lack of 100% certified genre-nicity?

No clue.

But I do know that this album is lovely. It pours out, slow & shiny, like twinkling & falling already-exploded fireworks, you know, the residue that slowly falls back to earth, caked up in lens bokeh.

How’s that for a description? Enjoy!

01. Juveniles
02. Angela Surf City
03. Follow The Leader
04. Blue As Your Blood
05. Stranded

06. Victory
07. All My Great Designs
08. Woe Is Me
09. Torch Song
10. While I Shovel The Snow
11. Lisbon

Walkmen love!  Official | Myspace | Label



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