I’ve got 99 problems but Apparitions by Light Pollution ain’t one!

Photography by bluecitrusart

Hey lovers, haters, and general music geekoramas!  It’s Tuesday and sweet Mary mother of Jesus dipped in cornbread deep fried and caked in powder sugar it was a tough day!!  All I could say as it was a-wrappin’ up was, “dude…. wtf?”  But hey, that’s my problem, not yours, right? You just want some good times flowin’ threw yer ears, down your spinal cord and either out yer pee-pee or yer butthole and really, I can’t blame ya!

Like Jay-Z or Ice Cube or Tea or whatever may have once said, “I’ve got 99 problems, but Apparitions by Light Pollution ain’t one!”


And you know what?  They’d were right!  Damn soothsayers, them rappers are — ARR!

So what do we gots with Apparitions?  Would you believe ornate rambunctious pop?  Can I coin that term?  Rambunctious Pop?  I think I just did!  HOORAY!  In one sense the album’s a bit all over the place..  All synthy on “Good Feelings” (not a violent femmes cover), a bit Arcade Fire change the world and shit on “Oh Ivory!”, then reverb quirky sumfin on “Drunk Kids”, etc, etc.  But, of course, it works, otherwise, wouldn’t be writing this, would I now?

No… No I wouldn’t.  Enjoy!!!


1. Good Feelings
2. Oh, Ivory!
3. Drunk Kids
4. Fever Dreams
5. Deyci, Right On
6. Bad Vibes 4
7. All Night Outside
8. Witchcraft
9. Ssslowdreamsss

Some Polluted love: Myspace | Official | Label


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