itty interwebs: the last update from the east coast

So listen, I’m going back to college in a few days. This means a number of things. 1. I will still be online. Maybe more, maybe less. I’m going back 2 weeks early because I’m leading an orientation trip and I’m awesome. So I’ll either be spending hours on end with my …like.. 4 friends who are also returning early, or I’ll be here, at tsururadio, bored out of my mind and reading tsuru’s updates whining about sore legs from biking or using too many exclamation points (JK TSURU ILY! ;) ) 2. I will be back in California. Goodbye humid Connecticut, commuter trains into NYC, driving back and forth on i95, cleaning my cat’s litter box, etc… Hello redecorating my room, relearning french so I’m not a fool in class, spending 4 days camping on the beach, and … *sigh* reading books, studying bullshit, and writing papers. 3. I’m about to be ALL ABOUT Pomona (MY SCHOOL YO.) ‘s radio station KSPC. CHECK IT OUT. I’ll be working a show, a blog, and hopefully several concert events so, if you’re in the area and can pick up the signal/attend our shows, SEE YOU THERE! If not, you can stream online at here!

I’m just gonna drop off a few little guys here for you now.

So I maybe got this off of Chris Weingarten’s twitter, and even though I DONT SUPPORT THE MAN, HIS IDEAS, OR ANYONE WHO LIKES HIM, this made me giggle hardcore. He made some joke about altered zones, but i’m just going to stick with the tagline: Chillwave.

Yeasayer just released their video for Madder Red, and it’s a tearjerker people. Seriously, pretty goddamn sad. But it’s starring Kristen Bell and she rules… and there is this adorable slimey mass of (rather ugly) animal,  so like, you also kind of love it. Watch it below (via

M.I.A.’s video for XXXO came out the other day and I actually think it’s pretty rad. It’s all old school and …sparkly… and… hilarious, albeit a little boring perhaps?

Aracde Fire played The Daily Show last night and I know everyone hates “Month of May,” but I really think it’s fucking spectacular live. I love Will Butler just like, screaming in the background. How does it sound so gooooood? They also played “Ready to Start,” which is a fab song also, but I kinda think they killed it with the former.

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Exclusive – Arcade Fire – Month of May
Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party

Hey Ari, what is this, the video parade? No, I’m sorry. I should post something that isn’t a video, perhaps. How about this game I played yesterday for about 45 minutes with boyfriend? I mean, only play it if you have time to kill, seriously.
The Dreamerz

aaaaaaaaaand I guess that’s all.


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