itty interwebs: she returns! she returns!

surf break
Photo by me (from my mini trip last week!)

Oh dear, I’ve been gone too long. It’s been HALF A MONTH since I updated. So much has happened! I flew out to California, reunited with BFFs, move into and unpacked my room, bought an excessive amount of accent rugs and throw pillows, partied a bit, shmoozed a bit, walked a lot, led an orientation trip to at Dana Point beach for a week with 2 dozen freshmen, and most recently, BOUGHT A MATTRESS! WOO! NO MORE TWIN XL! #college.

I’m pretty pumped about these next few weeks. So much is going on that I’m super excited for! I have my first live show on kspc on Fri Sept 10th 4-6PM, I’ve got a press pass for FYF fest next weekend, Baths is playing a foot from my dorm room on Thursday (maybe an itty interview coming? perhaps?), I’m starting up as blog director of the kspc blog, I’m probably going to buy more throw pillows, and I’ve got a killer concert line up for the fall. Also my dorm has air conditioning. Living is easy.

UNFORTUNATELY, I’ve been whisked away by all this business (…I tried to type the noun form of busy and ended up with business, which I guess works too) and have neglected tsururadio, twitter, and all my other little connectszons. So. My apologies. Sincerely.

Now for a few little thangs, aiight?

This is a century old, but if you havent seen/heard Cee-Lo’s recent song (from 2 weeks ago) “Fuck You,” it’s one of the best things. The song is dynamite, the lyrics are clever, and that voice, OH THAT HIGH HUSKY VOICE!

Here is where I would also post the recent Sufjan single “I Walked,” which is … real’ grand… but it’s already posted as a tsuruloosie just two posts below!
Check that out!

This is some incredible shit that I’m strongly considering doing. I mean, it’s expensive, but funerals and gravestones and all that shit are ALWAYS expensive. So why WOULDN’T I pay to have my ashed compressed into a vinyl album and maybe have some beautiful sufjan song or some catchy-as-fuck of montreal track sent around to all my loved ones to they could remember me as the beautiful and catch0-as-fuck person that I am? I know right?
Death to Vinyl

And now time for a little shameless sibling-promotion! The Exposure just dropped a new video/track from his upcoming electronic E.P. and I think it’s pretty rad for something he made rather quickly. I like to think he was inspired by the Baths LP I gave him for his birthday… :) He’s also got another track up on bandcamp, so check that out also!

Okay want some mainstream culture right quick? NEW KANYE SONG! YAY KANYE. Real talk right now though: It’s pretty good. Mostly I’m just in love with Nicki Minaj, and obviously Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and Bon Iver don’t hurt anything. Like, is this even real life? What a star-studded line up! He posted it for free on zShare, so I’m going to risk it and post it here for you too. Shhhh.
Kanye West – “Monster” (feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver)

aaand that’s all for now! I need to go practice some French because all I can remember is … nope… cant remember anything.

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  1. September 2, 2010 at 1:04 PM

    Dude, that shameless sibling vid was pretty awesome!! Reminds me strongly of the following artists: Cex, Aphex Twin, Amon Tobin, etc!

    Tell him to keep it up. :)

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