itty interwebs: featuring kanye, social media, and this sweeeeet chick ari

Sup bros. Listen, I love you. Lately I’ve been thinkin, “you know what, I love tsurunation.” Tsurunation, y’all are like my fams, my homes, my real life bros. I hope we are together forever.

In other, less sentimental news, Hey, how are ya? Didja enjoy your week with The Suburbs, perhaps? Or your week with the knowledge that Emily from Pretty Little Liars totally didnt kill Allie? Or your week that you spent baking in the summer sun? Mine was okay. Last week of work, got a cake, car broke down, have to pack my house up, gettin anxious about leaving the fams and the east in a week to return to sunny california, saw Hot Chip, saw the Beach Boys, saw Arcade Fire (online, but still), was called a concert junkie by my father, etc. WHATEVER.

Writing these posts weekly means that sometimes shit is a little delayed, but I’m gonna share this anyway, incase you missed it!

So the best thing of this week mostly revolves around Kanye West getting a twitter. If you havent looked at it, start by doing that. It’s pretty much great. Then you get some DYNAMITE trending topics, namely #predictingkanyetweets. AND THEN YOU GET THIS SHIT. Kanye tweets as captions for New Yorker cartoons! Brilliant! Seriously brilliant. I grew up flipping through The New Yorker looking at the cartoons with my Paps. (Dad, not grandfather. He was a cartoonist, and TNY was his fav) *nostalgia moment* Anyway check it, if you havent already.

So I’m a Media Studies student, and these might be media studies only humor, but this is the fucking blogosphere, the goddamn internet, MEDIA PEOPLE, ITS MEDIA. LAUGH WITH ME DAMNIT.
What The Fuck Is My Social Media Strategy?
How To Use Twitter For Marketing And PR

Make yourself feel awesome by throwing yourself a twitter parade! It’s so great!
IS Parade

Brought to us by The Jewish Daily, Paul Rudd was a bar mitzvah DJ. PAHAHAHAHA. Not much to say, just take a peak.
The World’s Greatest DJ?

Okay this week’s track is brought to y’all by the great people that are Neon Indian and Here We Go Magic. I’m a little confused because I’m pretty fucking certain this is a “Terminally Chill” cover, but the internets is trying to tell me it’s “Deadbeat Summer.” If you can come up with some explanation for this, i’d be down to hear it.
Here We Go Magic – Terminally Chill (Neon Indian Cover) by arimyg

okay, uh, cheers!


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  1. ERF
    August 8, 2010 at 10:01 AM

    Hey Ari! Its em. Wonderin if you wanna chill before you go… TWEET ME! OR calll me. Or pigeon me. BYE!

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