It’s Monday! Let’s get our groove ON with Good Things by Aloe Blacc!!!

Photography by Georgianna

Howdy ya’ll! Everyone have a great weekend? We did! Bike rides and photoshoots, what else does one need? Bike ride wise, did a fast & furious 75 miler on Saturday morning that about destroyed my legs… As for photoshoots, well those of you with stronger constitutionals can head over to my little tumblr for a sample or two or three. But alas and aloo, it’s Monday again and with Monday’s comes the gleam and hope of a new week, new opportunities, and, as usual, ample chances for life to quickly squash any glimmering, making you count down the hours until the next weekend.

In my world? So far so good! But I’m lucky… I’ve got Good Things by Aloe Blacc soundtracking my day and if that ain’t a good way to start off these 5 days, I don’t know what is!


This is a pretty sweet album. It’s as if Sharon Jones went out and had a baby with John Legend (who wouldn’t want to see THAT sex tape, eh?) and just like all offspring, sometimes Mr. Blacc leans a little toward papa bear (see “Green Lights”), sometimes a bit toward mama (see “Loving You Is Killing Me”) but for the most part, even with them metaphorical genes pumping through this album, Blacc’s got his own voice and sound and I likes it!


01. I Need A Dollar
02. Green Lights
03. Hey Brother
04. Miss Fortune
05. Life So Hard
06. Take Me Back
07. Femme Fatale

08. Loving You Is Killing Me
09. Good Things
10. You Make Me Smile
11. If I
12. Mama Hold My Hand
13. Politician (Reprise)

Some Alec Blacc love: Myspace | Official | Label



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