Getting my Jesus ON with All Delighted People by Sufjan Stevens!

Photograhphy by dorian69

Where did the weekend go?  Seriously?  I’d like to know.  Photoshoots & bike rides, the norm, but man o’ man, so much running around then BEEYOO!  it was over.  Oh yeah, broken iPods and my new phone turning into a brick.  That certainly didn’t help.  Oh yeah, massive rain & phone repair & too small a car for our new chair causing us to literally double up our errands.  Oh yeah. Good times. lol.

But whatevers, man, it’s a new week and that means new music! This time around we got a new EP by Mr. Sufjan Stevens called All Delighted People! Huh… I guess now that SS has them 50 state albums all done, he can sit back and release little bullshit EPs, eh?


Now, I’m not the biggest Sufjan fan. A bit too preachy for my taste. More often than not, I like my Jesuses like I like veneral diseases, i.e. no where near me & my genitalia. Exceptions are Violent Femmes as there’s a way he does it that makes you question if he’s being sincere or tongue-in-cheek.

Sufjan though, it doesn’t take rocket scientician to know he loves him some Jesus in him. I think if you had my first 18 years of my life, you shutter at the thought of listening to some guy jibber on about his infactuation with the bearded one.

Side note… Still cracks me up how “white” they make Jesus in paintings & stuff, eh?

Or black…

Because, I’m assuming he had a more middle-eastern flavour, if I had to wager a guess. Not sure how them tea-baggers would feel about that though.

But hey. These aren’t original thoughts, but Sufjan’s making original music, so let’s get back on track, okay? All Delighted People, the 60 minute “EP”, which I’m assuming it’s an EP due to the lack of theme and the addition of a 2nd version of a track. At 60 minutes though, hell, anything over 30 minutes for some artists, is a 2 year long in the making album, so, though I rarely bother with EPs, here we are!

So… what do we have? Well…. we got Sujan, almost a genre in & of itself. Tender & slightly whiny, yet beautifully arranged & executed compositions (as opposed to songs). Joanna Newsom and this guy should do an album together. Actually, on 2nd thought, maybe not, might just destroy the indie-universe with it’s collective orgasm!

Ew….. Indie-bukkake.

You know that shit would be nasty smelling from all the crappy beer they drink.

Well, what do you know? It’s quite possible I offended christians and hipsters — and possibly Sufjan himself — in one single post? So, I’ll tell you what, let’s just end this now while I’m behind, eh? It’s a lovely EP, chock full o’ beautiful music. It was released on Bandcamp proving, once again, that bands REALLY need to stop using myspace. I can sample then buy your music in one stop? SWEET! You know?
Okay… the music!


1. All Delighted People (Original Version)
2. Enchanting Ghost
3. Heirloom
4. From The Mouth Of Gabriel
5. The Owl And The Tanager
6. All Delighted People (Classic Rock Version)
7. Arnika
8. Djohariah

Sufjan love: Bandcamp | Label | Tour Dates



1 comment for “Getting my Jesus ON with All Delighted People by Sufjan Stevens!

  1. August 24, 2010 at 12:12 AM

    Had to pause around minute 10 and wonder what the freak was going on. I’m trying to map my first century ride for this weekend, Sufjan, and you’re not helping! >:

    That said, I do still love ‘Chicago’ quite a bit, and found it more “spiritual” and relate-able than preachy.

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