70’s “Art Films” and Penny Sparkle by Blonde Redhead!

Photography by thishollowhill

If you know me, you know Thursdays are at once, my busiest days and also one of my favourite days. Why one of my favourites? Because I love that feeling of “next”. You know, like when you are next in line, next to the teller, next to the airline kiosk, next to get on the ride, etc. The pending event seems more real and the excitment and anticipation (yes, even with an airline kiosk) builds! So, what’s next? Well, Friday, of course!!!

BUT! At the same time, we try to live in the moment, don’t we? Try to focus on the now, even though the next is soooo close and right now is a new gem from Blonde Redhead called Penny Sparkle!



Okay, so what do we got with Penny Sparkle? Really, just lovely, subdued, ethereal, nether-worldly actually, ee-leck-tronical style music. At times, it sounds very familiar, like on “Black Guitar”… I SWEAR I’ve heard this on some 70’s “art film” I used to try to watch through a scrambled reception.

By the way, that movie has now been added to my wish list!!! — Ahem Baby!

Actually, with that mindset in mind — ah, such a good mindset, donchathink? — suddenly, Penny Sparkle is taking on this modern-twist to that 70’s “art film” music, so so so critical to my development.

I like the album even more now!

01 Here Sometimes
02 Not Getting There
03 Will There Be Stars
04 My Plants Are Dead
05 Love or Poison
06 Oslo
07 Penny Sparkle
08 Everything is Wrong
09 Black Guitar
10 Spain

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