TSURURADIO Re-Presents… Leaving New York, Never Easy Mixtape!!!

Photography by Me!

Well friends, gotta head up to good ol’ New York today, pop in, hit a trade show all day, get to the hotel, work on work emails, if there’s anything left in me, go to a Wolf Parade show, get up the next morning, hit the trade show again, then fly back home tomorrow night!  OOF!  Busy two days!!!

So, not sure of the posting situation here over that time, BUT wanted to leave you with a little something that was inspired by the last time I did this exact same trip!  A little podcast that became a sweet little mixtape of the flight there, some sounds of NY, some REALLY REALLY bad poetry, and, of course, the flight back home!  I still listen to this one periodically and outside the REALLY REALLY bad poetry, I gotta say, I still love it!  For all you who missed it as a podcast (TSURUCAST No. 9 to be specific, that’s why it has a “theme song”) & the first time we re-presented it as a mixtape, here it is again!


Now, I’ve got me a new little phone (Sprint dropped me a Samsung Moment, but more on that later this week), so if you want to stay all connected and shit, don’t be shy, don’t be a cute little wallflower, this is the internetaltubular sensations, you either speak up or it’s like you don’t even exist!  I got 3 locales where we can “hook up” non-sexually:

Our Society

See ya in one or more of ’em!  Okay, it’s about time to go wake up Baby to drive my gnarly butt to the aero-port, so without further adieu, have a great day everyone, & a great tomorrow!  We’ll be talking to you soon as…


Leaving New York, Never Easy Mixtape!!!

(Full Zip)

01 AC Newman – Introduction & Theme Song + Take On Me + Boarding
02 Clem Snide – Born A Man + Take Off
03 Elvis Perkins In Dearland – 1, 2, 3, Goodbye
04 Beirut – The Concubine
05 Neutral Milk Hotel – Where You’ll Find Me Now + NY Traffic No 1
06 Heartless Bastards – Out At Sea
07 Gustaf Spetz – Burn It, Crush It, Smash It
08 Here We Go Magic – Everything’s Big + NY Traffic No 2
09 Jeremy Enigk – Heaven + Some Really Bad Poetry
10 Kittens Ablaze – This Machine Is Dying
11 Violent Femmes – World Without Mercy + Catching A Taxi To La Guardia Airport
12 REM – Leaving New York + This Is Your Captain Speaking
13 Patrick Watson – Daydreamer
14 BING + Rocky Horror Picture Show -I’m Going Home
15 Bird And The Bee – Tonight You Belong To Me + Theme Song (Reprise)



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  1. The Dadada
    July 16, 2010 at 4:01 PM

    I love this mix…

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